Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So, this wasn't the best recipe I have tried...let's say, it was almost a complete flop! I decided I would try my hand at some fried eggplant. I have to try new things... right? It seemed so easy, dip the sliced eggplant in Italian dressing, then coat the slices in bread crumbs, and put them on a cookie sheet sprayed with vegetable oil and lightly spray the tops with vegetable oil, and then put them in the oven on 400 degrees. It said cook 10 to 15 minutes flipping once. Simple...right? Well, after 10 minutes the eggplants were not ready to flip and they were not getting brown as the recipe stated. I waited 15 min and flipped them. Still not brown (ugh). I decided the heck with it and knew that they were not going to turn out as I was hoping. I decided to take them out of the oven and pan fry them. That worked much better. However, I must warn you, use just enough vegetable oil to lightly coat the skillet, because the eggplant will soak all the oil up and then your eggplant will taste like oil....trust me I know. That's how my first batch turned out (YUCK!!). By the time I got the last batch cooked, I had it down pat.

I made a small salad and some roasted garlic wheat couscous by Near East to go with my fried eggplant. Yes, I bought the boxed stuff, already flavored. I try not to do this very much because of all the sodium that is in the boxed foods. It looked so good, and I must say it was!

Okay...so here's the funniest part of the whole experience tonight. Let me introduce my veggie pug, Maggie. She LOVED the eggplant! You would have thought that I was eating chicken the way she was gulping the eggplant down. She was giving my plate the stare down hoping for more. I guess she thought if she stared at it long enough it might jump off the plate and go to her. Look at her...isn't she too funny. Who knew dogs could be vegan too. :o)

Yum....this stuff is good!


The stare down of the plate...lol

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