Thursday, August 12, 2010


Last night we had pizza…YUM!!! It was another night when we didn’t want to stand in the kitchen for an hour and a half to two hours preparing dinner. This was something we could fix pretty quick without having to do a lot of cooking. Tony’s pizza was almost vegetarian, but a little meat found its way onto his pizza some way. Don’t tell anyone, but vegan or not, I’m pretty sure that my pizza was much better than his! ha

For our pizza sauce I used half a can of diced fire roasted tomatoes. I put the tomatoes into my small chopper and made it into a sauce. I added cooked spinach, some slices of yellow squash (that I cooked for about 2 minutes on each side in a non stick skillet), sliced roma tomatoes, and then sprinkled some pepper and basil on top. This was the first time I added basil to my pizza. I think simply put, it made the pizza! I am slowly learning what spices compliment certain foods. The basil definitely complimented this pizza.

Well, the PB&J made it’s way into my lunch bag again today. Here it is along with two fried potatoes. It actually hit the spot today.

I had two plums for dessert….two hours later, but they were camera shy. I think plums are by far my favorite fruit. I was curious about the nutritional value of plums, so I did a little research. This is what I found….I had no idea about these health benefits.

Plums are engorged with vitamins. It has vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin C. The fruit also has niacin, riboflavin and thiamin.
Plums also have pantothenic acid, folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin E.
Plums prove to be good laxatives and are good for the digestive system. The vitamin C and phenols in the fruit has antioxidant qualities, which look after the eyes and prevent macular degeneration; boosts immunity; improves cardiac health; and, protects against cancer.
Plums are rich in antioxidants, which provide protection from the superoxide anion radical. These antioxidants also prevent damage to our neurons and the fats that are part of our cell membranes.
Plums also lead to better absorption of iron.
The vitamin c in plums is good for the body tissue and for the immune system. It can prevent flu and colds and can even prevent the cholesterol from getting oxidized.
Since the vitamin C in plums can neutralize the free radicals, it prevents diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, colon cancer and asthma.

I'm sure I'm the only one that didn't now the health benefits of plums, but hey...I'm still a vegan newbie...learning more every day. :o)



  1. Good to know about 10 year old inhales them. I love pizza. So much. I greatly need to improve my spice knowledge. If you blindfolded me and put basil, cilantro, oregano, parsley - whatever - in front of me, I don't think I could tell you what was what.

  2. I love homemade pizza, you might have noticed. And I love basil. I grow my own because I use so much, and I'm no gardener. I've never tried putting on squash, though. Sounds good! I bet yours was better than Tony's.

    I also like to hear that plums are engorged ... makes me giggle. I need to start looking into the nutrients in my foods, too!

  3. Your pizza looks fantastic. I agree basil adds a lot to pizza...goes so well with tomatoes and garlic. Thanks for the info on plums! I love them too. You've also reminded me that I haven't had PBJ in ages...must change that soon.

  4. Your pizza looks better! It really looks so gourmet!

    I didnt know all the benefits about plums either though! One thing I love about being vegan is the amount of new things I've tried. I've opened up my culinary palate tenfold and its so much more satisfying!

  5. i just came across your blog. i'm also a new vegan AND i'm also married to an omnivore named tony, haha! :) your pizza is beautiful and i bet it tasted awesome!

  6. Beautiful pizza! I bet yours did taste better than Tony's. Maybe he will come around one day. It took me a while to convince my hubby that veg was the way to go.


  7. I'm glad Sara up above wrote that comment, cuz I am really having difficulty keeping the omnivore Tonys straight.