Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mexican Dining & Hummus Wrap

I remember saying yesterday that I would have another chickpea recipe for you today, but I don't, and I apologize. I will tomorrow though...I promise! When I got home from work yesterday, Tony wanted to go out for dinner. He was in the mood for Mexican, so we decided to go to Los Portales. I have to admit....that sounded great to me. It sounded great for two reasons. One reason was that we hadn't been to Los Portales in a while and it really sounded good. The other reason was that it meant no cooking...Yay! That's always a plus in my book. I ordered the veggie fajitas, and they were delish!

This big plate of beans, rice and salad also came with my meal. Now that's a lot of food! Yeah, I forgot to tell them to leave off the sour cream, so I had to eat around it. I didn't want the lettuce anyway. I did however want that guacamole, because they make awesome guac! I couldn't eat it all though.

For lunch today I had a hummus/veggie wrap. I used a whole wheat tortilla and spread a LOT of the roasted red pepper hummus that I had made on it. I then added some sliced Roma tomato, red and green bell pepper, and some fresh spinach. I knew as I was making this wrap this morning that it was going to be good, and I was right! I think I will be having one of these for lunch all week, or until I run out of something. :o)



  1. Michelle,
    Your wrap looks great. A perfect lunch!

  2. That wrap looks so good! I can imagine the creamy hummus, the juicy tomatoes, and the toothsome spinach gave it a great texture.

    And the Mexican looks great too: can't get enough rice and refries in my book.

  3. I am with Aimee, the wrap looks great.

    I was in a Mexican mood today too. That is a mountain of food for dinner.


  4. You have created a very succulent looking wrap.

  5. Yay for going out to dinner! I love that you turned the leftovers into something different completely.

  6. Oh my! Your huge plate of beans looks soooooo good! I have been craving that actually!

  7. wow that meal looks great!!!! when you arent sure about ebans being vegan what do you tend to do?

    also that wrap......speechless!!!

    no im not! it looks flippin awesome!! so good! i want one!!!!currently imagining myself biting into it....sigh...

  8. You kind of featured chickpeas in the end with that hummus wrap :) just no recipe! I too have a hard time resisting Mexican restaurant food.

  9. Yum! I want everything in this post.