Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Black Bean Burgers and our Green Roma Tomatoes

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!! Have you ever found a recipe that sounds good, but you know there are a few changes that you want to make to it, but then you end up making a change that you didn't intend on making? Or shall I misread the recipe. Well, that's what I did last night. I wanted to make some black bean burgers, so I could try out some green salsa that a friend of mine gave me. Homemade green salsa might I add. :o) I will go ahead and tell you, it was delicious! Okay...back to the burgers. They were good but dry....very dry. Later on last night I found out why. The recipe called for wheat germ, but that's not what I used. I accidentally used wheat When I first glanced at the recipe I had to decide if I wanted to use bread crumbs or flour in place of the wheat germ (wheat bran for me). I decided to use wheat bran, because I just knew that's what the recipe said. After I cleaned up the kitchen, I picked up the recipe and decided to read it again only to find out that had I totally messed up the "wheat" part. I could only laugh. :o) I was going to share the recipe with you, but decided I would wait and make them one more time....the right way. I don't like to share recipes unless I think the food is really awesome. Last night's was good, but not awesome. The salsa helped the dry burgers alot! Now the green salsa was awesome, but that's Beth's secret recipe. :o) Here's a picture of the burger and salsa with a side of olive oil and garlic pasta.

Does anyone have tomatoes growing right now? Check this out! The picture below is a picture of two Roma tomato plants that we planted earlier this year. We harvested quite a few Romas from them back in the summer. The strangest thing is that now we have about 4 times as many tomatoes on them as we did back in the summer. How weird is that? Now if they would only turn red so we could eat them. :o) We didn't stake these two particular plants up, and they literally took over the flower bed. They ended up producing some of the best Roma's that I have ever had. Has anyone ever seen or heard of anything like this? I had no idea that Tomato plants would produce more tomatoes in the late summer or early fall like this.

Have you ever seen so many green tomatoes this late in the year?

Some of them are turning red, but I want all of them to turn red.
The vines are loaded.

It' supposed to be very cold here this weekend. I think the low is 26....brrrrr. We will have to cover our babies up, so hopefully they will survive and turn red for us. We would really love to eat them, or make some spaghetti sauce out of them. :o)



  1. At least you made the most of your wheat-faux-pas! I like your attitude on it :) I hope your tomatoes survive the chill!

  2. Oh wow, so many tomatoes! I am a novice gardener and I only got 2 tomatoes this year, and neither of them turned red.

    Lately I have been so, so bad about recipes. I'm glad the top-secret green salsa made the burger edible.

  3. That is a lot of tomatoes! Sounds like you have a good way to use them if they don't ripen with that secret salsa...or you could try cutting them stems and all, down by the base and hanging them upside down in a well-ventilated/room temperature place...they're supposed to ripen on the vie that way...I've had mixed results with that, but if you don't think they'll ripen otherwise, it may be worth a try-- with a few at least, to see what happens.

  4. Not into Fried Green Tomatoes??? What kind of Southern Girl are you????

  5. Funny! And I'm envious - long live the tomatoes.