Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Butternut Squash & Maggie's Special

Happy hump more work for me this week! I plan on decorating for Christmas and doing some cooking during my 4 day weekend. I am determined not to be running crazy like I have been for the last few weeks. :o) Do you have a busy schedule planned for the Thanksgiving holidays?

I finally got to try a roasted butternut squash last night, and I liked it! I've had butternut squash a few times in the past, but not cooked by itself like this. I'm sure everyone does it differently, but I cut the squash in half, rubbed some vegan butter all over it, and sprinkled some cinnamon and brown sugar on it. I baked it in the oven on 400 for close to an hour....very yummy! Anyone have any other suggestions on how I should try my next butternut squash?

Here's Maggie's supper. Maggie, my pug, got a sick stomach a few weeks ago. The vet suggested that I give her plain rice for a few days, until her stomach got to feeling better. She got better after about a week, so I slowly put her back on her dog food. She got sick again the other day, so I have put her back on rice. I think she is turning into a veggie dog! Last night I cooked some brown rice and boiled a sweet potato while the rice was cooking. Once the potato was done, I mashed it up and mixed it into the rice about 5 minutes before it had finished cooking. I wasn't sure how Maggie would like it, but she loved it. You should have heard all the slurping and snorting she was doing while she was eating. That's a sure sign that she loved it. I've been looking for vegan dog recipes online and have come across several that I think she will like. Maggie is 12 and it seems strange changing her eating habits this late in her life, but it seems to be what she needs. Maggie may not become vegan, but it seems that she is on her way to being a vegetarian. The only thing keeping her from going vegan would be the eggs and cheese that she loves. Let's see.....vegan mommy, vegetarian dog child, and omnivore funny is that. :o)

I found a pumpkin pie muffin recipe on that I am going to make for Maggie this weekend. She loves pumpkin. I used to buy pumpkin pie desserts for her at the pet store, but for some reason they don't carry it anymore. I guess that means it's time for me to make her some. So, I guess what I am saying is that, every once in a while you might find a recipe from Maggie on here. I hope that's okay. :o)
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I love butternut squash! The only way I've ever made it is baked like you did it, but I'd be interested in hearing of other ways to enjoy it, too.

    Thanks so much for the mention! I hope that Maggie's tummy settles and I'll be looking forward to hearing more about the recipes she enjoys!

  2. I wish I could see her slurping up your lovely cooking! Shes so cute! I think Lima would disown me if I tried to feed her squash. She does like ketchup though, until one time she mistook barbeque sauce for ketchup...that was a funny situation!

  3. I hope Maggie enjoys your home cooking! That's got to be better than dry dog food. I sometimes feel bad for my cats for always eating the same thing out of the bag. Maybe one day I'll cook for them, but I think dogs are more open to trying new things. Even though I don't have a dog, I'd love to see puppy recipes! Have a great Thanksgiving.

  4. I think cinnamon and EB are the way to go with BN squash. Maybe a little chipotle or cayenne too if you're adventurous ;)

  5. That is one big squash dinner! And Maggie's dinner sounds good too, I must say. And sounds like the veggies are soon going to outnumber the omnivores in your house! :)

    I saw this link recently of a pug screensaver and thought of you and Maggie.

    I hope Maggie's tummy is as happy as her taste buds.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  6. Ciao Michelle,

    how lovely to see your comment on the Vegan blog, I nearly miss it, I don't have much time for it yet, but I will update it as often as I can. I am so happy that you like it!

    I don't buy vegan ready made food because I tend to make everything... my problem is eating out, sometimes I little or no choice. I also find organic food still a little expensive, I try to grow things :-)

    If you don't mind I put your link on my blog roll both on my main blog and on the only recipes blog (I don't have a blog roll in the the Vegan blog yet... I'll think about that later!)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  7. oh i love that site!! i really hope maggie starts feeling better! its good she has a momma that cares so much about if she has an upset stomach.

  8. I LOVE roasted squash. I just posted a recipe I came up with the last time I made squash. It was SO GOOD. I ate it both hot and cold, and both ways were awesome:

  9. I've been getting more into squash. Yours looks perfect. Ur hubby is going to be outnumbered; he'll have no choice but to turn the veggie corner. ;) My dogs are vegan so they would love to read more dog recipes. :)