Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good Food for Everyone!

I hope you are having a great Tuesday. The snow melted off the streets yesterday, so I had to go back to work today....booooo. Since I was off work yesterday, I made Maggie some pumpkin pie muffins. I got the recipe from Molly over at Vegan Flower. You can find the recipe here. Maggie loved them. She was getting very impatient with me as I was tearing bites of the muffin off for her. I think she thought I was too slow. I think these are her favorite treats so far. I have to admit that the muffins looked so good that I wanted to eat them, so I actually took a bite myself. Hey, they are made out of people food, so I thought I should try them. Now I see why Maggie was all bug-eyed over them...they were very tasty. I did leave out the hemp seeds though, because I didn't have any.

For supper I made an Indian Lentil Pilaf that was out of this world. This was my first time in making a dish that called for garam masala. I haven't been able to find the spice where I live, but it just so happens that a friend of mine lives next door to an Indian family. This lady was so sweet in that she gave Amanda (my friend) a packet of it for me to try. She even told her that if I liked it, she would pick some up at the Indian market for me. I thought that was super sweet of her, especially since she doesn't know me. I've had this recipe sitting around for some time now. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to make it since I finally got some garam masala. The recipe can be found here. I didn't do anything different to this recipe, and I don't think I would change a thing.

Tony has been wanting some old fashioned beef stew, so he gathered up all the ingredients and put them into the slow cooker and let it cook all afternoon. To go with our meals I made some whole wheat beer bread. The best way for me to describe this bread is that it tasted a little like whole wheat sour dough bread. I thought it was very good! Tony on the other hand chickened out and wouldn't eat any. :o) The bread recipe can be found here. I've been wanting to make all the recipes on this post for the last couple of months. FINALLY, I was able to make them.

Now, it's time to hit my new cookbooks that I got for Christmas! There are tons of recipes that I am dying to make. I'll be sharing them as I make them.



  1. I am sure Maggie just loved those. How sweet of you :)

  2. I'm so happy to hear that Maggie (and you!) liked the muffins! Speaking of hemp seeds, I'm out.... and keep forgetting to pick more up. Oops!

    The pilaf and bread both look & sound really good. Yum!

  3. I've been looking for garam masala lately too...well..maybe that's an exaggeration. I haven't looked, though I'm sure it's easy to get around here (NYC). Let's say I've been looking at recipes that use it ;)
    Beer bread is so easy and I'm glad you got to make your backlogged recipes. Doesn't it feel good to cross those off??

  4. Those muffins do look good! I always think Molly's recipes sound just as good for humans as for dogs. Maggie's so cute.

    That was super sweet of your friend's neighbor, and the pilaf looks really yummy.

    Tony chickened out from beer bread? Beer+bread? ...you wouldn't have been able to keep me away. :)

  5. Garam Masala has become so mainstream. Are you sure it's not in the spice aisle at Kroger's? You can also make your own.

    Does Tony only eat white bread?

  6. muffins turned out so prety! that was a cute little side note, that you couldnt tear them up fast enough t suit maggie:)

    garam masala is just a blend of spices, when i found that out i wasnt so intimidated. spices like coriander, nutmeg(i have only seen nutmeg in one package), and cumin are in it. i like it too!

  7. I wonder why Tony didn't try beer bread!

    The pilaf sounds good - I'm glad you were given some garam masala! You have been cooking up a storm lately. If Tony isn't eating your beer bread, I'm glad Maggie is enjoying some treats.

  8. Carissa, you should make those muffins for Sonic. :o)

    Molly, so far Maggie has loved all your recipes!

    FF, It does feel good to cross these off my list...the sad thing is, I still have a long list...ha

    Rose,I know, how crazy is Tony? I just knew when he heard the words beer bread that there would be no bread for me.

    Shen and Michelle, Tony normally eats whole wheat bread, and white dinner rolls. I never thought about trying to make my own garam masala. I'll have to give that a try when I run out.

    Jessica, it's a new year goal of mine to "try to cook more. :o)

  9. Your muffin tray is huge! mines only hold 12 muffins... you must have an American size there... we don't have them like this in NZ!

  10. I guess we'll be checking out more and more vegan food dog recipes now! GR's been having fun making some of her own for the pups.