Friday, March 11, 2011

A Little Food & Maggie

Happy Friday!!! This is a quick post about food and a little story about Maggie. Last night for dinner I had fresh corn out of the freezer, some kind of teriyaki noodles that Tony made, sausage patties, and some black eyed peas with kale. For the black eyed peas and kale, I used frozen black eyed peas, and added some kale, 1/2 onion (chopped), 2 garlic cloves (minced), about 1/8 teaspoon of garam masala (yes, I now love that spice), herbamare, pepper, and a dash of salt. I cooked all that in a pot for about 30 minutes. For lunch I took the left over black eyed peas and kale and added some rice to it, which made a perfect hearty lunch for me. :o)

Okay, I have a pretty cool story for you about Maggie. First, I want to ask....Do you think it's crazy to take a dog to a chiropractor? Well, I never thought about it until last Friday. As most of you know Maggie is crippled in her back end and doesn't get around very well. Some days it's very hard for her to walk. Last Thursday night she wouldn't walk at all. She wouldn't even try to stand, because she just couldn't. She would just fall down into her sitting position. Friday there was no improvement. With that being said, you know she couldn't squat to pee, and she had been holding ever since sometime Thursday afternoon. I was a basket case at work last Friday and got an appointment for her at my vet for 4:30 that afternoon. My boss is a BIG animal lover, so she didn't have a problem with me leaving early to take her to the vet....thank God!

We got Maggie to the vet and got her checked out. The vet said the only thing she could do for her was to give her a steroid shot. My heart sank! She said the shot should help the inflammation go down and at least help her to get a little comfort and hopefully to get back to walking some. Then, the vet asked me if I had ever thought about taking Maggie to a chiropractor. She asked me to please not think she was crazy and told us of several success stories of where it had helped animals. I sure didn't think she was crazy....I had just never thought of it. I was and am willing to try anything to help Maggie. Let me back up a bit here....the shot did help Maggie a little, but we could tell that she has been in a lot of pain this week, so I called our chiropractor yesterday to see if he would by chance take a look at Maggie. He said he would be glad to, but he wouldn't make any promises that he could do anything for her. I tried not to get my hopes up, but I knew Maggie needed relief some way. So, Maggie went to the chiropractor yesterday. Steven (chiropractor) couldn't believe how bad she was. She had a big hump in her back, so everyone knew things were out of place. He examined her and did some adjusting on her, in hopes that it would help some. Are you ready for this...she jumps up and takes off almost running around the clinic. I almost burst into tears with happiness. Tony and I couldn't believe our eyes. She hadn't moved that fast in several months, and I was ecstatic!

From now on Maggie will be going to the chiropractor once a week to get an adjustment. Steven said since her injury was so old (about 5 years) that her bones would probably move back to where they were in few days, so it would take a while to improve the damage that the injury had done. I've said it before and I'll say it again.....Maggie is like my child, and I will do what ever I can to make her life a good one. I am now a firm believer in chiropractors for animals! :o)

Here's Maggie....finally getting some peaceful sleep on the couch, which is where she is every night with us. It's been so hard for her to get comfortable this week, but last night was different....YAY :o)

I just wanted to share that story with you., because I am so happy that there is a little more hope in helping Maggie. Maybe you have an animal that suffers from some kind of injury like Maggie. If so, you should consider talking to a chiropracter. :o)

Have a GREAT weekend!



  1. Fantastic to find a good chiropractor for animals. And why not, if they have a bone structure, they can be cure by a chiropractor! :-).


  2. awwww so glad the chiropractor was able to help!!!! I think its 100% worth it for adorable maggie to get adjustments to feel better!! =) I had surgery done on my ferret to remove cancer and now that the cancer is back, we're getting some new types of therapy done with my little furball -- i'll pay anything for roxy so I know how you feel with maggie =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. That is fantastic news Michelle. I am so happy for Maggie and you and Tony! What a relief you must feel.

    I've been to an animal acupuncturist/herbalist with my rats, so I would never think it's crazy to take a dog or other animal to a chiropractor. Steven must know his stuff! Well done!

    Yaay for Maggie's refound mobility and here's to a weekend full of cozy naps on the sofa!

    Have a great weekend Michelle and give Maggie a big hug for me! :)

  4. Aww, so glad to hear happy stories on the animal front :) You're so good to her!

  5. That's so wonderful that the chiro helped Maggie! I can just imagine the relief and joy that gave you to see her moving like that.

    When Bruno was alive, he had hip dysplasia and was unable to walk a few times. My old vet would give him chiro adjustments, which seemed to really help. Also, my former chiro always offered for me to bring any of my animals in to him. It does help them a lot!

  6. Oh, my gosh, I am so happy for sweet Maggie! I would have been in tears too, seeing her run around the clinic. What a miracle! Now I will tell any friends that have a similar problem with their pets, that a chiropractor is an option. Yay for Maggie!

  7. I'm glad she is doing better, and I hope the continued treatment works!

  8. So glad to hear that Maggie is doing better. Those chiro's can do amazing things for any person and animal!

  9. AHHHH this is amazing news! id be bouncing of walls...i practically am!! what a great find for Maggie, im so happy for you guys!!!! i used to work for a chiro so i had seen them do it before and also questioned them about it. isnt that the neatest thing! you should call her vet and tell her to add another success story to her list:)!

  10. You've made me a believer in chiropracty. Although I'm still suspicious of why you have to keep going back forever, but for Maggie it's worth it.

  11. I LOVE PUGS!!
    (that is all)