Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not Much Going On.....

Hey and Happy Tuesday! I haven't blogged in several days, and the reason for that is....I just haven't cooked anything new. Do you ever go through a time where you just cook things that are simple and fast? That's been me for the last 4 or 5 days. :o)

Last night for supper I had a chik'n patty, sauerkraut, black beans with a little onion and garam masala added to them, and crescent rolls. Shen's chik'n patties always look so good with marinara sauce on them, so I decided I needed to needed to try that out. Yum...Yum...Yum!

Do you ever crave sweets? I think I have been eating way too many sweets lately, because I crave something sweet every night. Most of the time it's chocolate that I want. I used to do really well in not eating sweets, but here lately that's all I want. I think it's time to do a cleanse to get rid of all those sugar bugs and clean my diet up! I got Kris Carr's "Crazy Sexy Diet" a couple of weeks ago, but haven't started reading it yet. I am hoping to start reading it this week and thought about doing her 21 day cleanse. Has anyone done that?
On the note of sweet cravings, I made some Maple Walnut Brownies from "How it all Vegan" over the weekend. These were so yummy! They were more cake like to me than brownie like. They weren't too sweet either, which I really liked. The only sweetener in the recipe was maple syrup. They were very good. I will definitely be making them again!

We went to eat at Moe's after church on Sunday. I normally get the Art Vandalay with out the sour cream and cheese, but I decided to try something different this time. I decided to get their tofu rice bowl, which was just okay. As Tony said...the mushrooms tasted a little on the odd side. I ate mine, but he picked his out. The tofu was okay, but after I kept eating it, I didn't think it was so good anymore. I ended up pushing it to the side. Everything else in the rice bowl was great though. Will I get the rice bowl again? Probably not. I think I will stick to my normal Art Vandalay wrap. :o)



  1. It looks to me like many bloggers often feel compelled to write often and feel guilty if they don't come up with new recipes... but where is the fun of blogging if you feel pressure? And then, if a dish is really good of course we like to make it over and over again :-)

    And it is nice to see the things that you are cooking Michelle, even if they are not new to you they may be new to someone who visit your blog for the first time :-).


  2. Michelle,
    I, too have been on a sweet kick lately. In fact, just this morning I decided to start a food journal titled "no-sugar/low-sugar detox week...
    I don't have that book, but I'm sure it's great!

  3. I don't cook anything that isn't simple & fast.

    How can you just eat ONE Boca Chick'n Patty? Stopping at two is hard for me. Love those things. They go down real easy, like Crescent Rolls;-)

    I'm not a fan of Moe's. Went there once or twice but don't feel compelled to ever return.

    Great looking Brownies!

  4. Yeah, I go through phases with posting on my blog too. It's just not fun unless you really feel like doing it, so I only do it when I'm in the mood.

    I agree with Alessandra though, that it's always great to see what you're up to in the kitchen and beyond, even if it's not anything brand new.

    I read Crazy, Sexy, Diet...I think you'll like it. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she really gets you pumped up to incorporate healthy habits in your lifestyle...lots of good health and nutrition info too.

    I haven't done the all-out cleanse yet, but have taken up a lot of what she writes about. I bought a juicer and have green juice every morning...much nicer than my former green smoothies, which were never terribly smooth because I don't have one of those super-duper fancy blenders.

    Definitely let us know what you think after you read it! :)

  5. I have a huge sweet tooth and really have to watch myself. I'm making cookies tonight, but otherwise we try not to keep too many sweets on the house.

    I read CSD and really liked it. Like Rose said, a lot of good health & nutrition info in it.

  6. happy tuesday to you too! and yep i have a sweet tooth! yesterday i saw pancakes on tv and i had to change the channel!!

  7. I have had my eye on those marinara-topped chick'n patties, too. It seems you have control over the oregano shaker, though!

    I have lately been going through blogging phases, too, but like the others said - we are reading for more than food!

    I have had a sweet tooth lately. I made a dessert I will be sharing soon, and it's sooooo good. Your brownies look good too!

  8. I've noticed vegans are notorious for having a sweet tooth and craving sweet schtuff! I'm not sure why! I kind of want to study it... hehe!

    I loooove "chikin" with marinara sauce!!!!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  9. I know what you mean! I don't even have a sweet tooth normally! But, sometimes I just want a pan of brownies! Ya know!? :)


  10. Haha, I was going to say your plate looked like Shen's with the chicken patty and sauce!
    I have Crazy Sexy Diet on hold at work, I think I'd like to pick it up too. I'm sort of cleansing, anyway, with Lent coming up.
    The brownies look great! I'll have to check on the recipe! (I say this right after I say I'm going to cleanse...sheesh)
    What's in the Vandalay wrap?

  11. Thanks for your kind words Alessandra! I do enjoy blogging, and love reading what everyone else is cooking and eating. :o)

    Aimee, a food journal is a great idea. Maybe I need to do that for a week and then I will have a very good visual of what I need to work on.

    Shen, It was very hard to stop at one chik'n patty! I wanted to eat the other one, but I really wanted it for lunch the next day. Oh..I think I am really getting addicted to crescent rolls. :o) I used to really love Moe's, but not feeling the love so much here lately.

    Rose, I can't wait to read the book. I was given a juicer a few weeks ago, but haven't started using it yet. :( That's about to change though. :o) I have an old blender too...

    Molly, I'm the same way. If sweets are in the house, I am going to eat them.

    Michelle, good idea to change the channel...ha

    Jessica, you need to do the marinara on the chik'n patties...very yummy. Yeah...too funny about the oregano. I can't wait to see what dessert you made! :o)

    Jennifer, if you find the answer to why I'm craving sweets, please let me know what to do to stop the cravings! lol :o)

    LittleSpoon, brownies are always good...easy to fix too. :o)

    Maud, that's funny...your sorta cleansing, but going to check out the brownie recipe...you sound like me! The Art Vandalay consist of rice, black beans, guacamole, salsa, and lettuce. It's all wrapped up in a whole grain tortilla. It's pretty darn good. :o)

  12. Most of the time I'm a salt girl, but I do go through periods of really craving sweets. I'm not sure why they come on, but I try to stave it off with fresh fruit, and if that doesn't do the job, then I do have something with sugar, so I don't end up binging. I say: have some more of those brownies!