Friday, April 1, 2011

Today Is The Day!

TGIF....I am so excited that today is Friday. Most everyone likes Fridays, because it means the weekend is here. :o) I am super excited that today is Friday, because my husband comes home....YAY! I'm sure most of you have noticed that there hasn't been any mentioning of Tony over the last couple of weeks. Well, that's because he has been in Uruguay for the last 10 days on a missionary trip with our church. Let me just say that the next time I am going with leaving me behind again. :) My morning started off with a smoothie of course, but I did something different this morning. Everyone is putting a medjool date in their smoothie, so I thought I needed to try it. I needed see what all the hype was about. Turns out it makes for a great addition to the smoothie. It adds a little touch of sweetness, at least that's what it seemed to me. This mornings smoothie consisted of: spinach, frozen banana, frozen mango chunks, flax seeds, pea protein powder, water, and one date. It was yummy for my tummy!!!!

I still had some scrambled tofu left over from Wednesday night, so I thought I would make a wrap for lunch. I put some lettuce, shredded carrots, the scrambled tofu, a few left over fried potatoes, and cucumbers on a wheat tortilla.

Here it is all wrapped up with some salt and pepper Kettle chips on the side. This morning after I got to work, I was wishing I would have just brought enough leafy lettuce to make lettuce wraps instead of using a wheat tortilla. I wonder if your stomach can shrink when you eat raw food? I've noticed that my stomach doesn't bloat when I eat raw, and I could only eat half of this wrap and a few chips. I was so full after eating that. Now normally I would have been able to eat the entire wrap or close to it anyway. So, I wonder what's up with that?

I hope you have a great weekend!

P.S. Blogger has a mind of its own today. It won't keep my spacing correct, so please look over the errors, especially in the first one big paragraph....errrrrr



  1. Yay, so glad Tony will be home! It will be an extra fun weekend for you. :)

    I LOVE dates in smoothies! SO GOOD. My favorite combo is almond milk, banana, almond butter, cinnamon, vanilla extract, a bit of stevia or maple syrup, and a couple of pitted dates. It is like a milkshake!!! Sometimes I add protein powder, too, but that definitely makes it taste more "healthy." :)

  2. Blogger's been giving me problems with spacing, too. I can't figure it out! If you do everything in the html screen only, without switching over to the compose side, then everything stays okay, though.

    That's amazing that that's where Tony was. I can just imagine how happy you are that he'll be home!

  3. wrap looks great! i love this line "Let me just say that the next time I am going with leaving me behind again."

    so cuteand sweet, i would not be left behind either!! i do NOT like being away from my husband:)

  4. Aren't dates an amazing fruit? We use them so much now, I just get a big container of them at Costco. My little 2 year old eats them like candy and asks for them all the time to snack on. Plus, they are fantastic to have after working out along with some coconut water.

    Glad to hear Tony is coming home this weekend, what a fun trip he must have had. I know I miss my husband like crazy when he is gone just for one day, 10 days must have been like eternity for you. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. You are doing such great things with that scramble! That wrap looks soo good!

    V. cool that Tony was in Uruguay doing good things! I hope you get a little pressie from there too! :)

  6. So glad your hubby will be home..the food looks great!
    Blessings, Debra
    Raw Vegan Diet

  7. You can't leave Maggie behind! She needs you!

  8. Thanks for trying the dates in the smoothie - you know, I was seeing that too and was always a little suspicious about how good it really was. I trust your opinion.

    I hope you and Tony are having a great weekend now that you are reunited! The mission trip surely sounds easier to bear than the work-mandated business trip, as far as how easy it will be to let him go.

  9. Yes I love dates in smoothies. They are great in almond smoothies. I add it sometimes to my kale smoothie especially if I want my daughter to drink some. Everything looks great. I notice that when I eat a cooked meal I feel totally different too.

  10. The smoothie sounds good as always. I hope you and Tony catch up this weekend :)
    The wrap looks really good too - maybe it was the fillings more than the wrap itself that filled you up. Potatoes always do that to me.

  11. Jess - Your smoothie sounds great! I'll have to try that for sure.

    Molly - I'll have to do everything in html Monday when I blog...thanks for that tip!

    Michelle - was the longest 10 days ever!

    Thanks Simply Life!

    Thanks Rose!:o)

    Thanks Debra! :)

    HayMarket8 - green smoothies rock! :)

    Shen - you are so right...I can't leave Maggie behind...she will have to go to!!!

    Jessica - I was suspicious too, but the date is really good in the smoothie. Let me know what you think when you try it.

    Sasha - I'm going to have to try an almond smoothie, that sounds so good.

    Maud - I bet your right about the fillings. I didn't think about the potatoes.

    I'll be catching up on everyone's blogs Monday. I haven't been on the computer this weekend, since Tony's finally back home. I wanted to respond to everyone before Monday though. It's been a great weekend for me. I hope you all have had a great weekend as well.

  12. VeganMom - We don't have a Costco, but I'll have to check at Sams for a large container of dates. What a great snack idea for after a workout. That's great that your two year old eats them like candy...much better than candy. :o)