Friday, May 13, 2011

A LIttle Something Different.....

Hey guys, I have something a little different for today. Yesterday morning, Tony woke up with some things on his mind and decided that he needed to write his thoughts down. When I read it, I really wanted to share it with you. Yes,  he knows and yes, he approves. What do ya think?

Where Are You Planted?

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, can we flourish and grow where we're planted. I was reading a blog that was shared by a friend on Facebook by Lolly Daskal and it was titled, "Don't give up Before your Time". In her blog, she talked about the frustration of a man that had a fruit tree that would bear no fruit. He had done everything that he could to help this tree, but it would not bear fruit. His frustration caused him to want to cut the tree down and quit. In her story, she posed the questions of "Where is your dream planted and can it be supported there?" Wow, I had never thought of it quite that way. As painful as it is, sometimes we are uprooted by storms in our lives and are forced to take a hard look at our root system. Does it really support me and provide me what I need to bear fruit?

Years ago, I kept a peace lily that was sent to me for my grandfather's funeral. It always meant so much to me, that I was always careful to care for it. But as time passed, I noticed that it began to wither. The blooming ceased and the leaves wilted and began to turn brown. I watered it, I fertilized it, but it just never seemed to live with the vibrance that it once did. It was just barely hanging on, at best. I couldn't stand the thought of losing this plant, after all, this plant was in the place that I last saw my grandfather. I worried and worried about what I could do to save this plant, but, I'm no gardener. What else could I do? After I had exhausted everything that I knew to do, I finally went to my mom, who has an incredible green thumb and can make anything grow. She was the best gardener that I knew. I told her my problem and with absolutely no worry in her voice at all, she said as simply as she could say it, "Oh, you'll just have to transplant it, it's used up all the nutrients from the soil it's planted in."

As in life, sometimes we've used up all the nutrients where we've been planted. Sometimes we have to go the the Master Gardener and say, I want to live in the way that you intended. I want to stick with the dreams that you've given me and I want to bear the fruit. I want to see the blooms more beautiful than ever. I know that it's risky, I know that it may be uncomfortable at first, and I know that's there's always a chance of dying. A chance of not seeing the beautiful vibrance of yesterday, but what will happen if I do nothing. Death will surely come. The same pertains to us and our lives. We can't worry or fret on the way things used to be or the way that we wished they were. We can't get upset or make things more complicated than they really are. We just have to be honest about where we are, where we're trying to get to, and yes, sometimes we just have to move to more fertile ground. Just my thoughts....



  1. Oh, I love this! Not only does it make perfect sense and is super inspirational, but it also involves flowers (which I obviously would love). It kind of goes with that saying "bloom where you're planted", but takes it to a whole new level. Wonderful, Tony!

  2. This is a fantastic post! I have never thought of this and it makes you put a new light on everything that comes down your life's journey path. Thank you Tony for writing that and allowing Michelle to post it!

  3. That is a wonderful analogy and good thoughts for life. It's true, sometimes it's easy to become complacent and get into ruts...meanwhile the clock is ticking! Life is for living. I say, we should all go for it and follow our hearts with no fears. Nice post. :)

  4. hey there, its always good to think in dif ways, its the only way you will get a different outcome

    its been awhile since the straw giveaway i had..but could you send me your address? im so sorry its taken me so long!

  5. I'm glad that you are married to such a wise man. I love it. Thank you for sharing.