Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Little Garden And A Few Other Things.....

Happy Monday!!!   I hope everyone had a great weekend, and I hope all you mothers had a great Mothers Day!   We planted our little garden last weekend, but I'm just now getting around to posting about it.  We planted some zucchini, yellow squash, several different kinds of peppers, cucumbers (they're around the patio though), eggplant, Roma tomatoes, and some other kind of tomato.  Most of the plants seem to be doing good.  There are a few that we are going to have to replace due to all the rain and flooding that we got last week.  At least most of them survived.

Here's our little garden spot.

Maggie is watching over everything.  :o)

Maggie supervising Tony to make sure he does everything right. 

As you see...I don't need supervision....ha    Yes, I was barefoot...that's how Southerners do it.  :o)

One night for dinner I steamed some frozen veggies.  I also made some orzo to go along with it.  After the orzo had cooked, I added some sundried tomatoes, garlic, a little dried basil, olive oil, a dash of red wine, salt, and pepper.  The orzo turned out to be pretty tasty.  I found an orzo recipe that I want to try very soon.  Hopefully it will be on the menu for next week.  This week is going to be another busy week, but I am determined to fit a little blogging time in.!

This morning I had a smoothie (as usual).  I decided to buy some coconut milk over the weekend, so I used that to make my VERY simple smoothie this morning.

1 1/2 cups coconut milk
1 frozen banana
1 cup frozen strawberries
a dash of cinnamon
1/2 scoop of pea protein powder
1tsp maca powder.

I threw everything in the blender and blended away until nice and creamy.   This was awesome for a change.  I love the creaminess of the coconut milk!

 Friday night we rode the motorcycle out to eat.  I asked Tony to run to Wal-Mart before we headed home, and this bus was in the parking lot.   I thought it was so cool, so I had to take a picture of it.  The signs say "Sloppy 2nds" and "Free Food".  I so want that bus!!!  :o)  It was getting cold (we weren't prepared for it to get that cold while on the bike), so I didn't go up to see what the bus was all about.  I wish I would have now though.  I would love to know the story behind it.



  1. Your smoothie looks great. Cute gardeners!

  2. A motorcycle ride, okra, and barefoot gardening. Really must be the South ;) I love the pictures of Maggie in the middle of the garden! I hope everything sprouts up well for you guys.

  3. I adore the pictures of Maggie sitting in the garden, too. Cute cute!

    We just had an orzo salad with sundried tomatoes in it last week, along with spinach, roasted peppers and chickpeas. I love orzo! I've been putting coconut milk in my morning smoothies lately, too. It gives it such a creamy, yummy taste.

    May your garden grow all kinds of deliciousness!

  4. Oh, Maggie is so cute! Your garden spot looks great. I hope you have a bumper harvest!

  5. Maggie is the queen of your garden! hehe! Love it!

  6. isnt coconut milk the best in smoothies? i love it so much! Where in the south do you live again?? I saw "thats how we do it in the south" and got excited, lol

  7. WOW, that is a great size garden! Never thought of putting coconut milk into smoothies, will have to try that as it sounds so decadent. The bus kinda reminds me of the Partridge Family's bus, but as it would look now :)

  8. Good work on the veggie garden, I look forward to see the seedlings growing! And you find out more about that van let us know!


  9. When I was in school, one of my roommate's dad always made a joke about Tennesseans not wearing shoes. It got really old. But I do like being barefoot -- then Alex jokes about me wearing my "shoes" to bed. Ugh, it never ends!

    If you see that bus again, be sure to investigate! It does look really interesting, but also a little creepy depending on what is going on inside.

  10. I'm excited for you about having such a potentially lucrative garden. I LOVE when dogs sit on their bottoms like that, like little people.

  11. Gorgeous Smoothie. I must emulate it ASAP.