Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Eats and Treats

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend.  My thoughts and prayers are going out to all the people who have been affected by the tornadoes over the weekend.  It's so sad to see all the devastation that the tornadoes have caused.  The weather has been so crazy this year!

Friday, I picked Maggie up from the vet.  It was her spa day.  I was going to take her picture and send it to Tony telling him that his daughter was on her way home.  This is the sassy pose I got from

Yesterday we stayed home and watched movies and relaxed. I actually got some cooking/baking time in also.  I finally got around to making some hummus, so I can have some wraps for lunch this week.  I used the hummus recipe out of my Veganomicon cookbook this time.  The only thing that I did different to the recipe was that I added a roasted red pepper, because I roasted red pepper hummus!

Around noon on Sunday we were trying to figure out what in the world we were going to do for lunch.  Neither one of us wanted to leave the house, so Tony came up with the idea to make our own personal baked spaghetti's again.  We used a store bought mushroom pasta sauce to speed up the process, cause we were starvin! We used whole wheat spaghetti, and I added some asparagus to mine before putting it into the oven. I topped mine with vegan mozzarella, and Tony used the real stuff.  Turns out my hubby had a great idea for lunch.  :o)

Yesterday afternoon I pulled out my Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World cookbook and made the Simple Vanilla and Agave Nectar Cupcakes.  Tony loves vanilla cupcakes, so I thought these would be a great starting place for my first go at making vegan cupcakes.  It's hard to believe that I have been a vegan for almost 15 months and this is my first time to make vegan cupcakes.   I made a simple strawberry icing to go on top, but my strawberries were all mushy from being in the freezer, so it made the frosting thinner than what it normally is.  The cupcakes were awesome though!  They were so awesome that Tony ate 3.  :o)

Oh, I'm going to skip around here, because I was about to leave out breakfast.  Have you ever used this pancake/waffle mix?  It's not bad.  You just add soy milk and a mashed banana to the mix to make the batter.  I did add some cinnamon and pecans to the batter though.   They turned out pretty tasty.  They aren't as good as when you make them from scratch though, but still good.

It made 4 full size waffles and a partial 5th one.   There's a waffle missing from the plate though, because I was so hungry that I added some maple syrup to the waffle and ate it before I even thought about taking a picture. 

Ok, so now I'm skipping on to the later part of yesterday which would mean supper time.  I made the Herbed Home Fries from The Happy Herbivore.  These were delicious!  They were so full of flavor.  These would be perfect with some tofu scramble.   Also on the menu was sweet corn out of the freezer, black eyed peas, and  some bok choy that I got at the Farmers Market Saturday morning.  I used this recipe for the bok choy, and man was it ever so tasty.  I really liked the addition of the ginger.



  1. That is a sassy pose! I have to say it every time: What a cutie!

    Wow, so many good eats and treats. That hummus looks awesome and the pasta bake is calling my name. What can I say? It all looks delectable. Good job on the cupcakes!

  2. maggie looks so cute with her little bandanna. very stylish :) i never know what to do with bok choy so i'm bookmarking that recipe. it looks good, as does everything else!

  3. So tell us, how many bandanas does Maggie have? :-)

    I love red roasted capsicum in hommus too!


  4. You had a yummy weekend! I've never had roasted red pepper hummus, but must try some. I love hummus.

    Maggie's so cute and sassy looking in that picture. <3

  5. PS...just wanted you to know, I'm making pasta bake tonight because I've been thinking about yours all day! :)

  6. Ive never had black eyed peas! ahhh what's wrong with me!? I need to try these babies sometime b/c they sound fun and yummy! esp in the combo with the bok choi! =)

    omgggggggggg maggie is a total diva! i'm dying laughing at her glamming it up after her spa day =) my lil roxy does the same thing. Even after they shaved her for her stitches she acted like she was a princess. lol

  7. Ummmm.... more cupcakes please! :)

  8. Maggie is adorable in that picture! That hummus looks so good, have never had roasted red peppers, so I will have to try that.

  9. What a cute picture of Maggie, haha.
    The HH plate looks really good. I've never had black eyed peas but they sound great with just about any green and those potatoes!
    I think red pepper hummus is probably my favorite flavor too! It looks so nice and creamy.

  10. Thanks Rose! I can't wait to make some more cupcakes. Yay, you made pasta bake. :) It hits the spot with me every time.

    Sara, I think this was the 2nd time that I bought bok choy. It looked so pretty at the Farmers Market that I had to have it. That forced me to find a recipe, which I really loved. :o)

    Alessandra, You know women have to have tons of accessories...Maggie is no Seriously though, she gets a new bandana every time she has a spa day. They send her home with a new one every time.

    Molly, I think you would really like the roasted red pepper hummus. You need to try it. :)

    Jennifer, black eyed peas? Maybe they are a southern thing. I grew up on them. You must try them! awe little Roxy :o) Our babies deserve to be

    HayMarket8...that's exactly what my husband said. lol

    Thanks Vegan Mom! Let me know what you thought about the roasted red pepper hummus when you try it. It's really yummy!

    Thanks Maud! You really have to try black eyed peas. They are actually my favorite pea. Maybe because I grew up them...fresh out of the garden. :o)

  11. I've never made strawberry icing, but I'd like to. Do you recommend a good recipe?

  12. Maggie looks super chill after a day at the spa.

    Great looking grub! Especially the baked Pasta.

  13. I love homemade hummus - especially adding in my favorite ingredients! Yours looks great. I'm envious of your cooking weekend. Even your quick baked spaghetti looks great.

  14. Your cupcakes are so pretty! I was thinking about making a strawberry-vanilla one myself, but decided to stick with the boring classics. You also make me wish I had a waffle iron!

  15. I love Maggie's picture :-) I've made a bunch of cupcakes from that book but haven't yet made the agave nectar vanilla ones. Now I want to!

  16. oh I definitely need to try that hummus!

  17. Personal baked spaghetti sounds like a really great idea! I think my family will enjoy that - but I'm not sure I have the appropriate bakeware?

  18. Maggie looks so adorable! And that baked spaghetti looks amazing. What kind of cheese do you use?