Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mung Bean Sprouts

Happy Wednesday!  Last night for dinner I had left over BBQ Tofu and one lonely jalapeno popper.   I also cooked some fresh butter beans, and some more zucchini, but with onions this time.

Since I normally do most of my posting on my lunch, I'll more than likely be beginning my post with the supper from the night before, then I'll be rolling into my raw foods for the day.  :o)  So, here we go....for breakfast I had a green smoothie.  This one was made up of a frozen banana, frozen mango chunks, 1 date, a hand full of spinach, and a cup of water.  I think mango smoothies are my favorite!

Here are some mung bean sprouts that I sprouted over the last couple of days.   I bought some mung beans at Whole Foods Saturday, so I could try my hand at sprouting them. I felt like a little kid at Christmas time seeing the little sprouts coming out of the beans.  :o)   I'll be doing a lot more of my own sprouting.  I'm going to try adzuki beans next.  What are you favorite bean sprouts and do you sprout your own?

For a mid morning snack I had half a banana with some almond butter on it.  For lunch I had a salad with some left over "Tuna Pate" on it along with my bean sprouts, some cherry tomatoes, and carrots.  I made some Tahini Lemon Dressing from Raw Food Made Easy last night to use for my dressing today.  I have to be was not my fav.  It was to bitter, so I doubt I'll be making it again. 

For my mid afternoon snack I'll be having a pear, and hopefully I'll make it till supper time before I starve. 
Last night when I got home Ani's Raw Food Kitchen was waiting on me.  I ordered it last week from Amazon, and it came in yesterday....woohoo...just in time!  I haven't had the chance to look at it yet, but hopefully I'll get to tonight.  I hear the book is loaded with great recipes.



  1. awesome job! Long time no talk, hope you are doing well :)

  2. I haven't been 'sprouting' for a while, I should, it is so healthy!


  3. sprouting for the win! i just talked about it in a 33 page thread in a forum today. mung bean sprouts got such a bad rap after that bullsh*t e. coli scare in Europe. so glad to see people talking them up!

    your dish looks yummy up there too!

    good to find your blog, i'm your latest follower. stop in on mine sometime :)

  4. You are giving me inspiration to try the raw before dinner thing again. Sprouting beans make me nervous for some reason, but they are so yummy. Will have to try it again!

  5. Thanks for reminding me - I tried your jalepeno poppers last week. I wonder if I have photos ... anyway, I had four big jalapenos and just grilled them and then stuffed them with Tofutti. They were perfect! Thanks for the idea.

  6. You sure have a gift for smoothies. They do not come naturally for me.