Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Smoothie, Quiche, Brownie Balls, and Saturday Pictures

Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I did, but it just wasn't long enough.  Of course it never is.  First up on my food list is Happy Herbivore's Neapolitan Smoothie.   The Neapolitan ice cream used to be one of my favorites when I was growing up, so I was really anxious to try Lindsay's smoothie.  It was amazing.  It taste like the original stuff.  Makes for a great frozen dessert..  It's really good for breakfast also.  :o)  This recipe can be found on her website here

Sunday night I made HH's Quiche with Greens.  I used spinach in mine and I also added some red bell pepper.  Another very yummy dish!  If you like quiche, this was very good and very easy.  I'm all about easy meals.  This recipe is also on HH's website and it can be found here.  Yes, I am on the HH kick.  Everything that I have made from her cookbook has been fantastic and so easy to make.   Sorry my food pictures are so dark.  We are minus a light bulb or two in our lighting fixture in the kitchen.  I keep forgetting to stop and pick light bulbs up.

This is the red pepper that I used in the quiche.  It came out of our garden.  :o)

Okay, here's something that I made last night that did not come from the HH cookbook.  Are you amazed?   These are Double Chocolate Brownie Dough Balls and they are delicious.  I got the recipe from Oh She Glows, which can be found here.   Tony was even amazed at how good they were.  These are going to be perfect for that mid afternoon chocolate craving that I get sometimes.

Next up today are some random pictures that I took Saturday on our bike trip to Patti's.  This place is known for it's 2 inch pork chop, so you know that I didn't have very much to choose from.  Not a vegan friendly place, but they were very willing to help me out.  They had a chicken portobello sandwich on their menu, so I asked if I could order that with out the chicken.   I figured the lady would think I was crazy, but she said sure and that she has had other people to order like that before because they didn't eat meat....like me...ha   It was very good, but they could have put a little more mushroom on there for me, but I didn't complain.  I had that and some of their homemade chips...delish!  I took a picture of it with my phone, but it was so dark that you couldn't tell what it was....sorry.

Since I love dogs, I just had to take a picture of this sign.

This was the side of one of the gift shops. I thought all the bird houses were so cool.

Here's a close up of one of the bird houses.

I felt so sorry for this Turkey.  I so wanted to set him free.  Obviously he has been very stressed, because he has pulled out all the feathers on his chest.   He looked at us and made some little noises as if he were saying please help me.  Just broke my heart!

He/She was napping when we first came upon him.  He was standing on one leg with his head buried into his back...so pretty.  We woke him up by mistake though...oops

 A cute little wedding chapel.  Someone was getting married there last year when we went, so we weren't able to go inside.

It was open this time though.  :o)  It might hold like 20 people, and that would be very crowded!

Two angels were right outside the wedding chapel.  A friend of mine took this picture, so I stole it from her off  of her facebook page...ha   I thought it was so cool.

This was the sail boat harbor right across the street...so pretty!  Have you ever been sail boating?  I haven't and would love to go.!

We had to make a pit stop on our way to Patti's to put on our rain gear.  It came a down pour on us.  We rode in the rain for about an hour I guess....it was still fun though.

Yep...ridding with out a helmet.  There's not a helmet law in KY.  I think we were the only rebels.  Everyone else kept their helmets on....probably the smartest thing to do.



  1. That bird house looks so neat - what a fun trip! I'm glad they could accommodate your request. I love getting fresh fries and chips, too.

    Your easy recipes look great. I need to make some snacks to have on hand.

  2. You guys look pretty cool low-ridin'...lol, I don't know what that means really, but you guys do look pretty cool on that bike! That bird house definitely has all the extras...it's a bird penthouse. Sounds like a fun trip, rain and all...except for that poor turkey. :(

    Neapolitan was my fav ice cream as a kid too! I don't make smoothies often enough; I definitely have to try this one. The ingredients are so healthy too.

    The quiche looks great...lots of yummy greens in there, and your peppers are beautiful!

  3. Brave to venture into a place like Patti's what with the two inch steak and all.
    The quiche looks great, light or no light; we have the same problem in our kitchen and no ladder tall enough to change it!
    Boy I could use one of those chocolate balls right about now...

  4. Mega-post! I will have to look at a map, I didn't know Kentucky was close to Tennessee. Or that they didn't have a helmet law.

    The red pepper was too pretty to cut up!

    Mr. SV rides constantly, but I only go when the destination is a restaurant that I'm interested in trying (a couple times a year). He makes me wear long jeans even when it's scorching hot (dressing for the fall, not the ride). We wear full face helmets.

    The helmet is the main thing I don't enjoy about riding. The other thing is no way to buy anything big to bring home.

  5. Jessica, I rarely have good snacks like this on hand. I'm trying to change that though.

    Rose, lol..."low-ridin"...I like that! :o) You definitely need to try that smoothie especially since your fav was Neapolitan also. Let me know how you liked it when you try it.

    Maud, I brave it in more places than I wish I had to, but it's all good.

    Shen, Tony is just like Mr. SV. He normally makes me wear jeans, but I talked my way into the thin khakis for Sat. If he had his way I would have a full face helmet on too. He didn't want me taking my helmet off in KY, but I told him if he was I was....lol I do enjoy riding, just not when it's scorching hot out.

  6. I love both pictures of you guys together. You're such a cute couple!

    All of the food looks amazing, and when I told Mike about the smoothie, he was very interested. :)

    I really like that birdhouse, but the turkey made me sad. I would have wanted to set him free, too. :(