Friday, August 26, 2011

T G I F and PIzza....again

Happy Friday!!  I hope everyone is planning on having a relaxing weekend like Maggie's doing here.  :o)   I'm for sure going to be doing this in the mornings.  We're supposed to have cool mornings over this weekend, so I plan on sitting outside and clearing my mind.  This is something that we never do.  A couple of weeks ago it was a cool morning, and I went out back to check on the garden and ended up staying out there just relaxing for almost 3 hours.  It was great....very refreshing!

Last night for supper I made pizza again.  It's been a hectic work week, so I just wasn't in the mood to cook a big meal.  I had 4 pieces of whole wheat Naan bread, so I used that for our pizza crust.  My topping this time was zucchini, cherry tomatoes, little yummy bell peppers, and fresh basil.  Total yumminess!

The best part of last night was the dessert pizza I made.  OMG..this was AWESOME!   I used one of the whole wheat Naans for the crust.  I then spread some plum jelly over the bread and put that in the oven for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes was up, I took the crust out and let it cool for about 5 minutes.  I then spread some Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese over the jelly and added some blue berries, raspberries, and kiwi.  To finish it off I sprinkled some powdered sugar over it.   I was so full that I could only eat a few bites.  The next time I think I'll just eat dessert pizza.  :o)   I can't wait to make this again with another kind of jelly and other fruits. 

Yesterday for my mid morning snack I had some raspberries and blueberries with a little granola and some homemade almond milk.  I don't normally keep raspberries and blueberries at home, but that's about to change.  I really enjoyed this yesterday morning.

I have a Peace Lilly on my desk at work, and it's blooming....woohoo!  Why do I say woohoo?  Because I do NOT have a green thumb when it comes to house plants.  I even killed a cactus, so that should tell you enough there.   I've been feeding this guy a little green tea and coffee here and there.  Apparently it likes the caffeine.  I've actually had this plant for about 3 years and it's still alive.  I've killed all my house plants that I have (had) at home.   So now you see why I'm sharing about my Peace Lilly blooming.   :o)

Have a FABULOUS weekend!



  1. hoyl dessert pizza yumminess!!!!!

  2. Dessert pizza! What a great idea; it looks so pretty too, like little jewels.

    Good job with the Peace Lilly; I had no idea plants liked tea and coffee; although I've heard that if you put coffee grounds around the base of rose bushes they like it.

    Hope you get some good chillin' time in the garden this weekend. Enjoy!

  3. Your zucchini and basil pizza looks amazing. I love seeing how often you make pizza - I used to, but I haven't lately. Maybe I should start with a premade crust or bread.

    The dessert pizza is incredible. Was it good cold and leftover too? I bet it was. Have a great weekend! Some chilling time outside sounds great.

  4. I'm a plant killer, too, including several cacti. Now I just don't have them in the house anymore.

    We spend a lot of time in our yard, relaxing. I want to enjoy as much as this nice weather as we can while it lasts!

    The dessert pizza sounds amazing. Yum!

  5. Have a great weekend too, keep eating well and cuddling that Maggie (but I guess I don't need to tell you all these things :-).


  6. I love Toast & Jam. Toast, Jam & Cream Cheese I love even more!

  7. Yes! I'm looking forward to some calm, cool early mornings too! Maggie certainly seems to be enjoying herself :)
    The dessert pizza sounds great. I love when Tofutti gets all melty with jam!

  8. killed a cactus?!?! I have been there too.

  9. That dessert pizza looks so good! I just made pizza and it's funny because I was JUST talkng about what a great idea a dessert pizza would be. I know how you feel about house plants. I Like your lily. Most if not all lilies are poisonous to cats though, so we can't have them here