Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Morning Mocha Coffee and Customer Service Week Food

I started my morning off with an iced mocha coffee.  This is basically the same one that I made here.  The only changes that I made was that I used 1 cup of coffee and 1/2 cup almond milk this time.  I also only used 1 frozen banana and added 5 ice cubes.  I think I like this version better.  More coffee allows for a better morning drink!  :o)

About an hour after I got to work I toasted a slice of bread and spread some Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese and strawberry jam on it.  I used the bread that Tony's sister gave us, which reminds me that I still haven't found out what kind it is.  I know this isn't anything special, but what it about cream cheese and jam that just makes for a lot of yumminess?  I could eat this every morning.

This week is Customer Service week where I work, so they are catering lunch to us everyday this week.  Yesterday was Mexican.  We got to order our own personal meal yesterday, so I ordered the Veggie Fajitas.  The food came from Los Portales, which isn't one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, but this turned out to be very good.  They did put cheese on my beans, but it was easy to scrape off.

Here's a closer look at the veggies.

Today was Chinese day, so they ordered up several main dishes from Peking, which involved meat....yuck and boo!  To my surprise though, they let me order my own personal meal....yay!  I ordered the Fried Bean Curd (tofu) with chili sauce, which came with Chinese veggies, and was supposed to have come with white rice, but for some reason they didn't send it.   That's okay though.  I was just happy that they ordered something for me to eat.  It was still good without the rice.  :o)  Everytime I see these mini corn on the cobs, I think of the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks. 

I didn't take any pictures of my supper last night, because it was leftover stuffed peppers and meat loaf, which is now gone!



  1. Yum! I like your morning mocha.

  2. Now I might just try that smoothie because I'm back to drinking coffee. I just like to be off of it here & there so that I'm no dependent on it.

    That's great that they're catering all week at work. Lucky!

  3. I'm with you...cream cheeze makes things delicious. I haven't bought any in a while...trying to be good, but may have to cave in. I've been looking for homemade versions online, but haven't found any that seem promising.

    How cool they're buying you lunch all week, glad to hear they're on top of the veggie options for you. I bet by the end of the week though, you'll be craving your own home-packed lunch...that's how I feel when I eat restaurant food several days in a row anyway.

  4. Everything in this post is making me hungry! We all know I'm a sucker for some good coffee and your drink sounds delicious! That is great that they let you pick your own meals. It is so nice when people are accommodating and it looks like you made some great choices!

  5. I had a friend in elementary school who would eat a cream cheese and jelly bagel for lunch every day and I was so jealous! It is a nice combination.

  6. Cream Cheese & Jelly Sandwiches reminds me of my childhood.

    I always think of that scene in 'Big when I see the mini corn as well.

  7. That's nice that you got to order your own meal. My husband always has trouble with that at work.

  8. Looks good! Fajitas is the best thing to get vegan at a mexican place in my opinion.

  9. That's nice that your office is accomodating you. I think you made some great food choices!