Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blood Circulating Smoothie and Artichokes

Hey everyone!  I can't believe Thanksgiving is in two more days.  What are you having to eat?  We are going to my sister-n-laws to eat with the Tony's family.  I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to eat.  I'm taking a Shepard's Pie as my one dish to take, but now to figure out what to take for myself while everyone else indulges on the "bad" stuff.  :)  I thought about making the Tofu Turkey in Happy Herbivore.  Has anyone ever tried that before?  If so, how was it?

This morning I made a green smoothie to try to help improve my blood circulation.  I stay cold all the time...I mean I literally freeze, so I decided to do some research on the web and I really think that I have poor blood circulation. All the symptoms described me to the T.  I read up on what spices and herbs are supposed to be good for improving your blood circulation.  Ginger and Cayenne pepper happen to be among them, so here's my blood circulation smoothie for this morning. 

1 kale leaf
1 small banana
1 Clementine (peeled)
1 tbs ginger
1 tbs black strap molasses
1/2 apple
1/4 cup frozen mango chunks
1 cup water
a pinch of cayenne
a few ice cubes (I used 3)

Throw it all in a blender and blend until smooth.  I've never been a big fan of spicy drinks, but I have to admit that I really liked this.  Today I used a very small pinch of cayenne, but tomorrow I think I will use a little more.  The smoothie was sweet when I took my first drink, but all the sudden the spiciness came out, which I liked.  Another plus is that it gave me a good boost of energy. I always need energy! 

For my mid morning snack I had a bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal.  This stuff is GOOD!  Thanks Shen for recommending it.

About the artichokes...well, I like them...I mean really like them.  I decided to make FoodFeuds "Artichoke to Death" dish, and all I can say is WOW!  This was one of the best meals!  It was so different, in a very good way.  The tahini sauce was to die for.  I decided to try a bite at first without the sauce and then a bite with the sauce to see which way was the best.  The addition of the sauce was the only way to go.  Maud...you're a genius.  :o)   I think I will try artichokes in a salad next.  Oh yeah....Tony decided that he needed some pineapple with his supper, so he fried some pineapple in some coconut oil....OMG...talk about good!

I tried the chocolate soy pudding for my afternoon snack yesterday.  It was rich and creamy and tasted like the dairy pudding that I used to eat in my pre vegan days.   I'll definitely buy this again.   

I hope everyone has a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! 



  1. I've never had a smoothie like this before - but I love all the different flavors in it! I've definitely felt a little more cold with creaky joints since it's gotten colder. I can't wait to try this! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. :)

  2. I'm yet to try a spicy smoothie but now I might just give it a go. Hope you have a lovely thanksgiving :)

  3. I found a recipe on the web for tofu turkey that I'm planning to try. After reading this, I think I'll look at HH's recipe to see how they compare. Since you're already bringing shepherds pie, why not bring some roasted veggies — less work, delicious and healthy.

  4. I'm glad that you posted about the circulation because I have the same thing! I am cold ALL THE TIME from October-May lol so these tips are a great find! Your meals all look great and I definitely need to try the artichoke to death dish!

    I still have no clue what to make for Thanksgiving. I was going to be boring and eat rice with roasted veggies but I want something a little more interesting...I'll have to figure it out but it won't be too crazy since I'm the only vegan. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the family Michelle!

    It all looks and sounds good! I have to try that artichoke dish. I also have a sneaking feeling that Maud is a genius!

    Anyway, shepard's pie sounds like a great tactic for TG...includes the mashed potatoes and mains all in one go! I'm thinking along the same lines as Andrea...go for some veggies with the pie.

    I'm taking our meal to my bro's house and it'll be garlic-miso mashed potatoes, some cashew/leek/tofu stacks and a big baked squash filled with wild rice stuffing. We eat a lot!! :D

  6. Haha it's pretty ironic that you drink a cold smoothie to get warm but it does sound really good. I love cayenne in my drinks.
    Anyway I'm glad you liked the artichoke dish! They are awesome in pretty much anything but yeah I just made more of that sauce for G to bring to Thanksgiving and I remember enjoying it a lot.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. Hmmmm.....I'm always cold, too (at least from Nov through May, like VaVa). I never would've thought it was my circulation--chalked it up to living in Canada, ha! But maybe that smoothie would help!

    I have to say, I'd be nervous about taking a faux turkey to an omni gathering on Tday, but maybe your peeps are more open-minded than mine!!

  8. Oh, that smoothie sounds great. I really hope it warms you up - let us know. I'll have to check out that artichoke dish - I love them too. And, the pudding? We've been eating that for years, so good. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Jesse - Let me know how you like the smoothie if you try it. I've been cold all summer, so I thought I better start trying something fast, so I don't freeze to death this winter.

    Claire - this was my first go with a spicy smoothie too, and I really liked it.

    Andrea - Great idea about the roasted veggies. I'll do that....thanks! :o)

    VaVa - I'm never warm...not even in the summer, unless I actually go outside in the 100 degree weather. :o) I looked down the other day as I was typing and my fingernails were all blue. My hands felt like a dead persons....yikes
    I'm the only vegan in my family too. Last year I only ate a salad and a wild rice casserole that I made. I want a little more this year. :o)

    Rose - The veggies are a great idea, that's what I'm going to do. Those mashed potatoes sound awesome, so does everything else. You are going to have a feast. Can I go with you. :o)

    FF - I know, a smoothie to get warm does sound funny. I think I'm going to start adding cayenne to anything that I can. And,that sauce rocks!

    Stacy - haha I don't think I could survive living in Canada...way too cold! I'm cold year round.
    Oh, there are no open minded people in my family...not at all. If I make the tofu turkey, it will be small, and I'll probably just take enough for me. I know what everyone else will say to it.

    Blessedmama - I think you would really like the artichoke dish.
    I'm always the last to find and try the good stuff. The next time I go to WF's I'm buying more pudding.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  10. Kashi Cinnamon Harvest is the best. So much better than the Vanilla.

    I don't know your people, so I can't recommend what to bring. Too late now anyway. In 24 hours it'll all be behind us.

  11. That smoothie sounds great! I hope the ginger & cayenne help you. I've found that since I started eating more spicy foods that I don't get cold as easily.

    I like that cereal, too. It's been a while since I had it, but it's yummy!

  12. You need to tell Tony you've been diagnosed with poor circulation and that massage is an effective tool in relieving this.

    I'm relieved that you like artichokes. :) And fried pineapple always looks so good to me, but I never make it.

    I also like the almond version of that soy pudding. Also with a squirt of Soyatoo. Mmm...

  13. I love that cereal! It's so good for breakfast or a snack!