Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pancakes and Tempeh Orzilla

Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!  Sunday morning I made HH's whole wheat pancakes and a strawberry syrup to go on top.  These were so good that Tony and I both went back for seconds.  I've tried and tried to make good vegan pancakes, but they always come out too dense or too dry.  These were perfect, at least for my pancake making abilities.   I had some strawberry jam in the refrigerator, so I put a couple spoonfuls of that in a microwave safe bowl along with some maple syrup and a little vegan butter.  I warmed that up in the microwave for about 30 seconds and mixed it up and then topped the pancakes with it....total yumminess!


Sunday night I was wanting something hot and was going to make some soup, but I came across Isa's Tempeh Orzilla over at Post Punk Kitchen.  I just happen to have all the ingredients and I thought this was the perfect recipe to use up the rest of my orzo.  The sundried tomatoes and tempeh crumbles made this supper yummy!  Of course I liked that it had spinach in it too.  For some reason I just love spinach in pasta dishes.  I had a lot of leftovers, so this is what I'm having for lunch most of this week.

Yesterday for Halloween we were supposed to bring finger foods to work for a little party.  I was having a hard time in deciding what to make, but I knew I wanted it to have to do with pumpkin.  I finally decided on Isa's Pumpkin Muffins.  It seems that everyone who has tried them has loved them.   Tony suggested that I leave out the dried cranberry's though.   Most people where I live like plain and simple, so I took his advise.  I made half of them plain and I added walnuts in the other half.   Everyone at worked loved them and kept on raving about how good they were.  My co-workers were even asking for the recipe...woohoo...   My boss, who doesn't really like pumpkin, even loved them.  I do make a couple of changes to Isa's recipe though.  I always use whole wheat pastry flour instead of all purpose, and I only use one cup of sugar.  Sometimes I use safflower oil instead of the vegetable oil too. 

These were my Halloween treats for yesterday....I LOVE these things.  I actually bought a bag for Tony because he loves them.  I used to not like them at all, but I was hungry when we bought them, so I ate a couple to curb my hunger craving.  I was hooked after the first one.  We bought a bag Sunday and can you believe that the bag of chick-o-sticks are almost gone.   They are very addictive.  :o)



  1. I love jelly on pancakes. And I'm glad your muffins went over well and that you enjoyed your chick-o-sticks so much. :)

  2. OMG, I LOVE chick-o-sticks!! In Portland for VCC, I had a vegan chick-o-stick donut from Voodoo Donuts. Holy crap, that was delicious! And Isa's pumpkin muffins are fantabulous! Glad they went over well.

  3. Mike almost made those pancakes on Sunday, but didn't. :( I'll have to bat my eyes at him to see if he'll do it this weekend... or do it myself!

    I'm all over that tempeh dish. It looks like something I'll love!

    I've taken the pumpkin muffins to work several times, which always go over really well. I always add chocolate chips to them instead of nuts or dried fruit.

  4. Oh, I'm glad you made the tempeh orzilla! I saw that and it looked awesome. The pancakes don't look half bad either. I should add fruit to my syrup next time.

  5. I can't get enough pumpkin this time of year & hadn't seen Isa's muffin recipe before. Thanks for the link--I think I'll try these this weekend :-)

  6. I guess I looked at this post and didn't comment, I'm sorry!

    The Pancakes look like perfect Southern hospitality food. The type where the syrup is heated up.

    I've never seen baby Chick-o-Sticks, they're so cute!