Friday, December 2, 2011


I don't know about you, but I'm glad the work week is over.  Let the weekend begin.  :o)   Maggie lives for the weekends as well, because she knows we will be home to spend time with her.  She loves her blankets!

There hasn't really been any new food action going on this week.  I did make this Chickpeas Rice recipe that I found over at Chef In You though.  The recipe can be found here.  I came across this after going to the Chef In You site to check out the Tofu Turkey recipe that Andrea made for Thanksgiving.  The chickpeas rice was good, but I think I will leave out the cloves the next time.  There was something about it that my taste buds didn't really care for, and I think that's what it was.  Other than that it was very good.  I personally think it would be better as a curry dish.    I made some baked tofu to go along with the rice.  I sprinkled a little BBQ seasoning on the tofu for a little different flavor.   I didn't really taste the BBQ flavor for some reason though.  That doesn't mean that it wasn't good.  It hit the spot and oddly enough it went great with the rice.

One night I had a couple of Boca chik'n patties with marinara sauce on them along with some roasted Brussels and sweet potato fries.  This is always a favorite for me. 

Don't our animals just have it made...I know Maggie sure does....she knows how to spend her time.  :o)

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! 


  1. OMG look at that face! She is so cute, I just can't! She makes me smile every time I see her pic :) The meals look super yummy! Gotta love tons of veggies, especially roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potato fries! Yum!

  2. Aw, Maggie. <3 Emma loves her blankets, too. They sure do have it made!

  3. Maggie looks so cute swaddled up like that!
    The sweet potato fries and Brussels sound awesome.

  4. Maggie looks sort of like a Jedi. A winking Jedi, that is.

  5. Have a great weekend Michelle! Give Maggie a hug from me; she is always so adorable. The meals look yummy!

  6. Both the food and Maggie look equally delicious.

  7. Look at Maggie and her blanket, she is truly adorable! I hope your weekend was good, it is already Monday morning in NZ!


  8. OMG she is so cute, bless her!! it looks like she is doing well..Thanks Michelle for your sweet comment

  9. We made BBQ tofu by basting the tofu with BBQ sauce and it took the flavor AMAZINGLY. Thanks, now I'm actually craving it again. teehee