Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bok Choy Shiitake Pasta

Hello Everyone! Last night for supper I decided to put a twist on my shiitake mushroom pasta. I had some of the pasta left over from Sunday night and knew that I wanted it again for supper last night. As I was thinking about what else I could have with it, I remembered that I bought some bok choy at the farmers market Saturday morning. I knew it needed to be used right away, so I decided to saute some bok choy and add it into my pasta.

I used my shiitake mushroom pasta recipe. I did make one change to the recipe. I put 2 cups of mushrooms in it this time instead of 1 1/2 cups. It was better with more mushrooms. I washed and cut up my bok choy. In a non stick skillet I preheated a little olive oil (just enough to slightly coat the skillet) and then added the bok choy. I sauteed it for about 5 min, then added my left over pasta. I did add about 2 tbs of water to the pasta since it was a little dry. I sauteed the pasta and bok choy together for about 10 minutes. After it was done, I dumped it in a bowl and chowed down. :o) I wasn't too sure how it was going to turn out. I've never bought or cooked bok choy before. I've only had it at Chinese restaurants, so I was hoping for a good turn out. In case you were wondering, the turn out was GREAT! The bok choy was a great addition to the pasta!

Last year my husband went to Uruguay on a missionary trip and brought us back some packets of drink mix called Jazz. It is sooo good. It's like a real fruity koolaid ...not as sweet though. It seems to be made from cane sugar. I'm not sure if it's vegan or not, but I made some up last night anyway. It is so good, and so refreshing! I am so sad though...we only have one packet left. We will have to save it for a special occasion. :o)



  1. Hey Michelle, thanks for coming by my blog :) I am now following you and I will post you on my blog's I read list! This pasta looks so good with that yummy bok choy. You have a precious dog too by the way!

  2. I have never used bok choy before, either. And if I've ever eaten before, I didn't know that's what it was. I always pause before it in the grocery store and consider it...but didn't really know what to do with it!