Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lunch Mishap

I haven't felt so great the last couple of days, so trying to decide what to eat has been a little tough. We ordered takeout from Chinese No. 1 last night for dinner, because we were short on time. I got the vegetable fried rice, since I wasn't very hungry and nothing really sounded good.

Today for lunch my good friend Rena, that I work with, wanted Chinese No. 1, and asked if I wanted anything. Like yesterday, nothing sounded very good, but I thought some vegetable Lo Mein might hit the spot. She volunteered to go pick it up, since I had to go to the bank. She had 3 orders to pick up, because another lady wanted something too. We got back to work about the same time and Rena wanted me to look at the Lo Mein to see which was mine. The first one I opened had chicken in it, so I knew right away that was Amanda's order. I knew the other one was mine, so I tore into the little box only to find beef in my noodles! What??? I couldn't believe it, they messed up my order. The really bad part about this is that we only get 30 minutes for lunch, so there was no going back and getting my correct order. I was about to starve and of all days, I didn't bring anything to snack on. I had no choice but to disect my lunch and pick out all beef particles. I was actually getting sick doing this. What was I to do though? I had to eat something! I got all the big and small pieces of beef picked out of the Lo Mein and ate some of my lunch. I was only half finished and had to stop. I was getting sick to my stomach. I kept thinking about my noodles touching that meat....I just couldn't eat any more.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever ordered takeout and ended up with the wrong dish that had meat in it? Oh, and you were in a situation where you couldn't go back to the restaurant to get it corrected? What did you do? Did you eat around the meat or not eat at all? I am wishing now that I would have just done without and starved!


  1. This has not happened to me but I have gotten things with cheese by mistake and just scraped it off. I don't think starving was a healthy option. Sorry about your lunch mishap.


  2. Totally happened to me before! I was once halfway through eating a bean tamale when I realized it was pork- neither vegan nor kosher, aaaaah! Just glad be glad you didn't get sick!

  3. How horrible. I would be very upset. The worst is when people tell you to just eat it anyway. You say you're so shy, so I hope you don't let yourself get bullied.

  4. Ugh, that's terrible that they gave you BEEF! Of all things! :[

    I do love lo mein though. Funny enough, I just made some this past week, for the first time in forever!

    Amber Shea

  5. Oh no! That's such a disappointment. My lunch time is limited, too, so I know how that is. Maybe you can keep some larabars or pretzels at your desk just so you're never without food. I agree, don't get bullied if you don't get what you asked for.

    The worst thing like this that has happened to me was at a Lebanese restaurant, I ordered falafel, baba ganoush and hummus, on what was called THE VEGETARIAN PLATTER and the server brought us a sample of the chef's specialty. I couldn't tell what it was and I thought it might be bulgur, but it was a lamb dish. Never in my life, even in my pre-veg days, did I eat lamb. I was so disgusted, but I tried to be polite because it was a small restaurant and the lady running it was trying to be nice. A bite did make it into (and out of) my mouth but it ruined my appetite for the food I did order.

  6. So sorry to hear about that! Any time that's happened to us, we were able to return it. I would have been like you, though, and lost my appetite. It bugs me when people say scrape the cheese or meat off. It was touching it, and the food was absorbing it! Yuck! Maybe next time, your friend can do a quick check for you at the restaurant before she leaves. Good luck.

  7. I would not have been able to eat it. I would have just passed the whole meal on to someone else who does eat meat, rather than throw it out and let it go to waste. This is another reason why I always have at least a little bit of food on me (in my purse, etc.). I usually keep bars on hand (Larabars, granola bars, etc.) because they're easy.

    Mishaps like this have happened several times to me, but I've almost always been able to send the food back. One time we ordered food to-go from a Middle Eastern restaurant. By the time we opened our food, far from the restaurant, I realized that instead of subbing the yogurt sauce on my veggie wrap with baba ganouj, he just threw in a side of baba ganouj. The whole wrap was drenched in yogurt sauce. It was sad, but luckily, we had plenty of sides (dolmades, hummus, and more baba ganouj with pita bread), so my boyfriend won an extra veggie wrap (which he didn't mind at all).

  8. I wouldn't be able to eat it. I wouldn't be able to eat it even if it was only cheese, and I scraped it off. Part of the reason I'm vegan is because I'm repulsed by all of that so scraping it off doesn't help my gag reflex. I would have given it to someone else, too, and I would have called the restaurant to let them know about the mistake. I would have requested a free meal next time I was there. I understand about not wanting to go hungry, though. I end up going hungry, and it makes me feel terrible!

  9. Since I've been a veggie for 30 years, I've had this happen MANY times. It depends on the dish, whether I'll eat part of it or not. Perhaps you can keep some snacks on hand at work, just in case!