Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tacos and a Veggie Wrap

It's hard to believe that it's already Wednesday! As you can see, I changed my blog up a little. I was getting tired of the brown. I decided I wanted something a little more cheerful and brighter. :o)

Last night for dinner we had tacos. Tony has been wanting some plain ole regular tacos, so that's what we had last night. Here's my version of a taco. It may sound like an odd concoction, but it turned out great! I was amazed at how much it tasted like a real (meat) taco. I had some soy chorizo left in the refrigerator from a week or so ago, so I took that and mixed it up with some refried beans that I had just made. I combined some of the beans and the chorizo together in a small non stick skillet. I added about 2 tablespoons of enchilada sauce to the mixture and cooked it over medium heat for about 5 minutes. That was my taco filling. I stuffed a couple of taco shells with the chorizo mixture then added some vegan cheddar cheese, lettuce and topped that off with some homemade salsa...YUM! We had Mexican rice, chips and guacamole to go along with the tacos. I still haven't mastered a Mexican rice recipe yet. It seems like it should be so simple, but my rice always wants to clump together...any suggestions? I thought about cooking the rice the night before the next time...hmmmm

I went to the grocery store yesterday after work, so I now have veggies in the house again....YAY. With that being said, I made a veggie wrap this morning for my lunch today. I bought some whole wheat flatbread, which I haven't bought in a long time. The flatbread makes great pizzas also. Anyway, back to the wrap. In my wrap, I had guacamole, shredded carrots, two collard green leaves, bean sprouts, sliced cucumber, green and yellow bell pepper and a Roma tomato. All those veggies piled up pretty fast. I was beginning to think that I might not get it wrapped up since the veggies were piled so high.

The wrap was a success though. I have to admit that the thought of eating raw collards weirded me out a little. I managed to work past that though, and it turned out good! I think some oil and vinegar would have been a great addition to the wrap. I don't know why I didn't think about that this morning. Oh well, I did need something salty go along with the wrap, so I threw in some pretzels for my side item. :o)

Okay, here is my great find at Kroger yesterday. I've been seeing people mention this dark chocolate peanut butter on their blog, and I have really been wanting to try it. I finally found it yesterday, and I can NOT believe that I have been with out it for so long!

The label says it all....Dark Chocolate DREAMS! :o)


  1. I have still not tried raw collards, I think it's a mental block for me too. Glad to see you enjoyed them! That wrap looks awesome with all those veggies.

    My only thought on the rice is to rinse it first. I never did this until recently and it really helps remove some of the starch and that helps it be more fluffy. I also never cook my rice as long as the recipes recommend because it comes out clumpy and mushy - I think that has to do with altitude. I'm not sure about Mexican rice, though.

  2. I was going to suggest rinsing the rice first too. Like Jessica I also cook my rice less time than recipes call for but that may be because I make it in an enameled cast iron pot.

    I wasn't sure about the raw collards initially either, but now I love them.


  3. Ahh, if I had a jar of chocolate PB on hand right now I would probably be on my way to the pantry to open it as we speak...yum!

    Amber Shea

  4. Pretty soon you'll prefer the wraps with just the collards, no flatout.

  5. Did you buy the sprouts or sprout them yourself? Sprouting at home is very easy and it's so much cheaper than buying sprouts at the grocery store.

    Is the dark chocolate PB an exclusive-to-Kroger brand? I don't have a Kroger in my neck of the country, but that PB does look good!

  6. Also, to make the collards a little less tough, you could blanch them in boiling water. Bring water to a boil and dunk the leaves in with tongs for just a second or two. They'll be easier to chew and work with, if you want to use the leaves as the actual wrap.

  7. I actually love sticky, clumpy rice. :)

  8. I like your new blog colors!

    I think your tacos look delicious and your filling looks great!