Monday, September 13, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Happy Monday. I started my morning off with the usual smoothie. This morning I made a pineapple/mango smoothie. It consisted of frozen pineapples, frozen mangos, 1 small banana, 1 tbs of flax seed, 1tbs of wheat bran, 1/4 tsp of cinnamon, 1/4 tsp of ginger powder, and rice milk for blending. I don't know how much longer I will be having smoothies for breakfast though. I don't think it will be a fall/winter breakfast. Going to have to start coming up with some warm breakfast meals. :o)

The majority of my blog today is going to be on the 7 things about me. Jessica over at veggiecookie awarded me this a few days ago. I was so thrilled to get another award, but a little nervous about this one at the same time. I rarely have much to say about myself, so this was a little hard for me. Here goes are seven things that most of you do not know about me.

First thing is that my husband and I have been married for a little over a year and a half now. The biggie to that is that we dated for 21 years before we got married. Yes, I said we dated for 21 years. :o) No, we did not live together. He had his place and I had mine. It was the most special proposal ever though. We were at church on Christmas Eve and all the sudden, our pastor called us up front. I was scared to death. I had no idea what was going on. I am a very shy person, so being up in front of all these people at church had me terrified. Next thing I know, Tony has the microphone and is spilling his heart out to me and then gets down on one knee and proposes. That was the most special moment of my life! Oh, and of course I said "YES"!

The second thing is that I really hate shopping...any kind of shopping. I must be the only woman alive that actually hates going shopping for clothes. I shop for clothes only a few times a year, and when I do, I try to get everything that I need in that one day.

The third thing is that Tony and I do not have any kids. The only child we have has four legs and is our pug, Maggie. Here is our family picture that was taken a couple of years ago. :o) We both love kids, but I seriously doubt we will ever have any of our own, and we both are okay with that.

The forth thing is that I have lived in the south, in Jackson, TN, my entire life. I think this must be the worst place for vegans to live. The nearest Whole Foods is over an hour away in Memphis. There are zero vegan restaurants here and not very many restaurants that have vegan friendly dishes. Some place do have vegetarian dishes though, so I can usually work with those.

The fifth thing is that I am a VERY SHY person. I am not the kind of person that can start talking to someone that I don't know very well and carry on a long conversation right away. I am getting better at this though. Most people used to think that I was just a snobby person, because I was so quiet.

The sixth thing is that I REALLY want to move. I would love to move to somewhere totally different like Italy, but I guess I need to be realistic. I think that would be so cool though. Moving anywhere right now would be great though. Hopefully that is in our near future. We may still be in Jackson, TN, but just a move would be great. I can't wait to have a bigger kitchen with more storage space. :o)

The seventh thing is that I went on a missionary trip to Nicaragua about 3 years ago. It was a life changing experience for me to say the least. To see how Nicaraguan people live and how they get their food is heartbreaking. Below is a picture of me with one of the kids. I still remember being there like it was yesterday. It was the most beautiful place, but the saddest at the same time. In the picture below, we had gone to one the schools up in the mountains and fed the kids lunch.

Now, I believe I am now supposed to pass this award along to some of my favorite bloggers. This is way too hard to do, as I don't really have any favorites. I truly love them all! I am passing this along to a few of my many that I read on a daily basis though. These are in no order!
Jessica at Limas Vegan Kitchen - Jessica's blog was one of the first that I came across.
Amber Shea at Almost Vegan - Amber Shea's sweets are going to make me fat!
Michele at Veggie Num Nums - Michele has some delicious recipes. I will never forget her skillet delish!
Aimee at The Global Vegan - Aimee also has some delicious recipes. Her blog is one of the newer ones that I have started following, which I just love!
Alie at Vegan Epicurean - Ali is full of all kinds of information, not to mention all of her delicious recipes.
That was just a few of my many favorite blogs. :o)
I leave you today with this Nicaraguan sunset.



  1. Michelle,

    Well you topped Dan and I on the dating before marriage front. We were together 10 years before we got married and I thought that was long. ;-)

    The only children Dan and I have together have four feet as well.

    You would love Italy, or at least I do. I could live there in a NY minute.

    The Nicaraguan sunset is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Good list, I enjoyed reading it and getting to know you more.

    Thanks for sharing your award with me.


  2. 21 years?! WOW!
    I'm quiet in-person even though the idea of blogger meetups SOUNDS fun to me, I always worry I'd come off as standoffish or too-shy, or just blank out and have nothing to say! =X

    Thanks for the tag! :D I posted 7 random facts about me here awhile back...not sure if I'm ready to reveal 7 more quite yet, hehe. But here's one...I have a mustard phobia. There are plenty of foods or ingredients I don't like, but none horrify me the way mustard does. While I'll disdainfully scrape cheese or mushrooms or lettuce off stuff and then go ahead and eat it, I cannot stomach anything that I know has come into contact with mustard. I don't know why!

    Amber Shea

  3. I loved learning more about you and seeing your wonderful photos! Thank you for thinking about me and I'll write up a post about 7 random facts this week!

  4. Tony must've literally been a cradle-robber. You don't look much older than 21.

  5. Great tidbits! I agree - you look young to have dated for 21 years! Wow!

    It's great to give your time to others, really both sides gain. Your Nicaragua trip must have been great.