Monday, September 27, 2010

OH NO... & Fried Rice

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Mine was very busy. I guess that's better than being bored. Being busy didn't leave much room for new recipes though. We went to Margarita's (a Mexican restaurant) to eat yesterday after church. I ordered the veggie fajitas, which consisted of onions, mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes. I think that was it...doesn't sound like very much does it? I love chips and salsa, and to me Margarita's has the best. So, as you can imagine, I filled up on chips and salsa while waiting for my veggie fajitas. I barely ate half of the fajitas, so I had to get a to go box. Of course, me getting a to go box is nothing unusual.

For dinner last night, Tony wanted a salad. A salad sounded good to me also, but I just needed something else to go with it. I cooked some brown rice and decided to use my left over fajitas to make some veggie fried rice. I added a little cumin to the rice as it cooked. While the rice was cooking, I chopped up the fajita veggies into smaller pieces and sliced up a yellow squash. After the brown rice was done, I transferred it to a non stick skillet and added the veggies. I let the rice/veggie mixture cook for about 15-20 minutes on low heat. I have to be honest. I really wasn't to sure how this would turn out, but it was awesome. You just never know what restaurant leftovers are good for. :o)'s the OH NO part. Thanks to one of my readers Kim, I found out that Flatout flat bread is NOT vegan. I had to do some research to find out why it wasn't. I found that it has L-cysteine in it, which is a flour treatment agent derived from animal proteins (OH NO...). I was so disappointed when I found this out!

This week I have decided to plan my meals, so last night I got out my recipe books and listed some of the meals that Tony and I wanted for this week. I've never meal planned before, but have thought about it for some time now. The other day I was at The Domestic Vegan's blog and she had blogged about meal planning. That was perfect timing for me! I get to go grocery shopping today after work, so we shall see at the end of the week how well I did at my planning. I am very excited about not waisting food for a change! I seem to always end up buying too much produce, and it ruins before I have a chance to use it. It may take me a couple of weeks to get this planning thing down pat, but I know it is going to make life a LOT easier!



  1. Good luck with meal planning. That has never worked for me though I know it is a good idea.

    Sometimes leftovers make the best dinners.


  2. Meal planning is certainly an art:)

  3. Meal planning always sounds like a good idea, but I can only plan a few days at a time. Thankfully I have time to shop every few days!

    I love turning leftovers into something different rather than repeating meals (not that I'm any good at it!) - the dish you made sounds great!

  4. How funny, we have a Margarita's here in KC that has MY favorite salsa :]

    Great idea with the fajita leftovers --> fried rice!

  5. Clever idea re the fajita leftovers -- veganism boosts your brain power for sure.

  6. I think that meal planning can be so helpful and make your week run smoothly. I also like to keep some staples like cooked beans and rice in the freezer.