Monday, November 29, 2010

Food Inc...more Pasta and Parmesan Cheezzzz

Happy Monday! :o) Have you seen Food Inc. yet? We watched it yesterday afternoon. I highly recommend that everyone see this, especially if you want to know what you are really eating. It's a real eye opener! The industry doesn’t want you to know the truth about what you’re eating because if you knew, you might not want to eat it. Instead of the animals roaming free, the cattle are confined to giant feed lots while chickens, turkeys and hogs are crammed into factory farms, where disease and antibiotic resistant bacteria rage through the system of industrial animal confinements. You will be amazed at how your food is slaughtered and processed. I'll admit, a lot of it was really hard to watch....very disturbing. It's not only meat that we need to be concerned about though. It's also the fruits and vegetables. I had once read, if it's not in season then don't eat. That is right on! It also talks about genetically engineered foods. Anyway, I really think that everyone should see this! If you watch one thing this year, let it be this!

Okay...on to some good food. :o) I had pasta again last night...surprised? I had a box of pasta salad in the cabinet that I wasn't going to make, so I decided to just use the pasta out of the box for this meal, and throw away the seasoning pack (it had expired anyway). I added a little oregano, basil, garlic powder, salt and pepper to some canned fire roasted tomatoes. I sauteed some baby portobellos in a little olive oil and red wine and then added them to the tomato sauce. I then added the cooked pasta and let that simmer for about 10 minutes.

Tony couldn't pass up the opportunity to try the pasta this time. Just overlook the fish in his plate and look at that large serving of pasta he got....ha... least he tried it and liked it. :o) Oh yeah...I had two of those crescent rolls also. I just forgot to put them on my plate when I took the picture. I love that crescent rolls are vegan!

Oh, I also made some Parmesan "cheez" over the weekend, which I forgot to put on my pasta last night. I did remember to put it on my pasta for lunch today, and it was delish. I used Aimee's recipe from The Global Vegan. I did make one change though. I didn't have any light miso, so I used a tablespoon of tahini. It turned out great. I don't know what it would taste like with the miso, but the taste is really good with the tahini! I can't seem to find miso in my local grocery store, so it's on my Whole Foods list for whenever I get the time to make that hour trek to Memphis. I must admit...that list is getting really long. :o)

I pasta tonight! :o) I also wanted to answer the question about how my first vegan Thanksgiving went. I had several people ask me about it. The only food I had was my dressing and salad that I made for everyone. I don't think everyone fully understands the concept of being "vegan". I still have some that question me and wonder why I can't eat the sweets and all the other veggies, but everyone is trying to understand a little better. I didn't get harassed about it or anything, so I was really thankful of that. In all, it went great. I will say that after seeing what all my blogger friends made and ate for Thanksgiving, I will be better prepared next year. I'm getting some ideas for Christmas too. :o)


  1. glad to hear your Thanksgiving went well even though you only had salad. I takes some getting used to to prepare in advance! I think we all have had quite a few moments where salad or some bread was the only thing edible on a menu!

    I'm waiting for my mac&cheez to come out of the oven so your pasta pictures are making my extra extra hungry!

  2. Tahini sounds like it would be great in a parmesan cheeze mix! Stroke of genius; I'll have to try that. Your pasta sounds awesome once again: olive oil + red wine, herbs and garlic! Count me in!

    Glad to hear the Thanksgiving went well, and your friends and family made an effort to understand and be supportive. :) The more great vegan food they see at get togethers, the more they'll open up, I think. :)

  3. I saw Food Inc. in the theatre, and a few months ago I bought the DVD just to lend to people. It's an important movie.

    Good idea on subbing tahini for miso in the cheeze...I think it sounds even better with the tahini.

  4. Gee, left a message but lost it... not sure what I did... anyway, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I am reading the Omnivores' Dilemma and that is enough to give me goose pimples! We went too far!

    The hearth has thousand of wonderful plans, why limit ourself to half a dozen processed meals. I am sure many people must changed their diet after learning how food is now 'manufactured'.

  5. Parts of the movie were tough to watch, but it's a great introduction to some issues with our food system. Now when I drive down the interstate, I know what a chicken house looks like and I can identify the stench. It's awful.

    Glad to hear Thanksgiving went okay. I hear you on the vegetables and veg casseroles not even being vegetarian or vegan! That makes it tough to even eat just the sides.

  6. I have a bag of that pasta in the cabinet too. Really looks delicious when you cook it up.

  7. GOOD!! thanks for letting us know how it went, i think we are all being a little "momma bear-ish" dont be messin with our new vegan baby!! i really liked that you wrote that you can be better prepared next time! and yea Christmas is right around the corner! lots of years i wouldnt do anything to special for the holidays. now im so glad i did. i love that "serving" you let your guy have....:)hmm some tofu with whatever seasonings he was using sounds good....

  8. I haven't seen the movie...I'm scared to because animal dvd's make me soooo sad. I want to watch it, though, just so my husband can see the parts about crops, etc. Did your husband watch it? What did he think?

    I like what Michelle wrote about you being our vegan baby. :) That's cute. So as one of your vegan Mommas, I will tell you how proud I am of you for all the changes you've made toward your vegan diet. Good job!!!

  9. I saw Food Inc a long time ago and as far as disturbing books/movies go I really felt it was one of the tamer ones. The one scene that really stands out to me is one where a farmer is killing chickens but he is actually a "good" farmer. His chickens actually run free and it seems like a fairly humane farm in comparison to the factory farms. There were also some disturbing shots from inside a factory chicken farm. Thats really about all I remember that was super yucky!

  10. I recommend Food Inc to everyone too. I hope Tony watched it with you. ;-) I got Dan to watch it the day after Thanksgiving. After one of our MDs watched it and was talking about it (positively) I thought it was time Dan watched it too.