Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Isa's Yumminess

Happy COLD/ICY hump day! To stay warm last night, I made Isa's tomato rice soup with roasted garlic and navy beans from Veganomicon. Actually, I didn't have the navy beans, so I used black eyed peas instead. It was yummy for my tummy too! The bean change was the only change I made to her recipe. I was so disappointed that I didn't have any canned navy beans in the cabinet. I had dried ones, but that wasn't helping any last night. Tony was a very sweet husband and drove up to the dollar store to get me a can of navy beans and a couple of cans of tomatoes (I didn't have enough tomatoes either). The dollar store was out of navy beans....can you believe that? Must have been because everyone ran to the store to get a few staples, because there was a chance of ice and snow (like maybe 1/4 inch).... People freak out when the word "snow" is mentioned here in the south. :-)

I also made The Best Pumpkin Muffins from Vegan with a Vengeance over Thanksgiving weekend. Yes, I know that was several weeks ago. I have no idea why it has taken me so long to post about the muffins, because they truly were the BEST pumpkin muffins I've ever had. I found the recipe posted on her site, so you can find it here. I took a few of the muffins to my mom to try. She called me and asked me who made them. I told her again that I did. She went on and on about how they were the best muffins she had ever had. She even asked for the recipe. I think my mom is still in disbelief that I cook like I do. I never cooked like this in my pre-vegan days. When my mom says something is the "best", then it rocks! Oh, I did make a big, very big mess when making these muffins. I had all the flour in my bowl and opened the cabinet door, which was above the bowl of flour, to get something and out fell this old beef log that had been in the cabinet for a over a year. It went right into the middle of the flour...POOF...flour flew everywhere...I do mean everywhere. My husband came into the kitchen half awake and asked what in the world happened. Needless to say, his old beef log is no longer around. :o)



  1. Well, I'll have to try these pumpkin muffins! Funny enough we don't have canned pumpkin puree here in New Zealand... I wander if it is best to bake or boil the pumpkin to get the puree.


  2. Looks like you added the cranberries. I'll bet they were great.

  3. The soup sounds perfect for cold weather! And the pumpkin muffins look delicious.

    Sounds like an appropriate end for that beef log!

  4. I was planning on going through our copy of Veganomicon to find some recipes to try & the soup sounds great! Definitely adding it to the list. I've made the pumpkin muffins several times & usually add chocolate chips. They're so fantastic! I've had quite a few requests at work to bring them to potlucks.

    It's so cute how people in the south panic over a little snow or ice. :) We got several inches of ice covered with about a foot of snow last weekend & people were running errands as usual. I won't leave the house, but it doesn't seem to phase most people. Craziness!

  5. CUTE yellow soup bowl, and such sophisticated cupcake cups, holders? papers, liners?what are those things actually called? i went into the kitchen jsut now to find out, they jsut call them "cups" but yours need a special name they are so nice!

  6. A Beef log?? Haha, I hope that doesn't mean they aren't vegan ;)
    They are great muffins and that soup looks awesome too! I should remember to make more things from Vcon.

  7. Are those cranberries in those pumpkin muffins? I so wish you could give me the recipe but I know you can't.

  8. Alessandra, I bet either way making the pumpkin puree will taste great!

    Shen, those cranberries were a great addition. :o)

    Rose, I'll be making the soup was very tasty and very warming.

    Molly, I think you will really like the soup. Yum on putting the chocolate chips in the pumpkin muffins. I am planning on making some more for Christmas. I think I will do half of them with the chocolate chips...that sounds yummy! I would love to live somewhere that gets a lot of snow...well, at least for a one winter anyway. :o)'re too funny! I always just called them cup cake cups...that was my name for them I just happened up on those cups at the grocery store and had to have them. :o)

    Foofeud, if the wrapper had of been off that beef log, I would have had to start all over with the I just picked vcon back up to look for something and found so many recipes that I don't remember seeing before. I have so many pages marked...ha

    Carissa, you need to make those muffins. I sent you the link to get the recipe. :o)

  9. That's nice that your mom was so complimentary! My mom always adds "actually" into her vegan compliments. "These are ACTUALLY really good," as if it's surprising. :)