Monday, December 13, 2010

Sloppy Joe's / Apple-Apricot Cake

Happy Monday! Friday night for supper I made some sloppy joe's. After surfing the net for abit, I came across a recipe by Ellie Krieger that sounded very good. I used to really like to watch her on The Food Network. She seems to have some pretty healthy recipes that I can veganzie. I haven't been able to catch her show lately though, which stinks. Anyway, the recipe that I followed can be found here. Of course, I did make a few changes to the recipe. One obvious change is that I left out the meat. I also left out the jalapeno, because I didn't have one. I used chili beans (rinsed and drained) in place of the red beans or pinto beans. I also used a teaspoon of dijon mustard in place of the mustard powder, because I didn't have that either.

Tony and I both have been wanting a baked potato, so he had two potatoes cooking in the oven when I got home. With that being said, I'm sure you know where the sloppy joe's ended up. Yep, on the baked potato. And was it ever so yummy. This isn't the best picture, but I was about to starve, so it was a very fast take.

On another note, we had a Christmas party to attend Sunday after church. I thought Shen's Apple Apricot Cake sounded perfect to make to take to the party. The recipe that I got from Shen can be found here. I was a little nervous about taking something to a party that I had never made before. Of course Shen said that it would be the hit of the party. :o) Guess what, she was pretty much right on! Everyone who tried it, loved it. They also couldn't believe it was vegan. whoo hoo.... There's another star in my corner for vegan baking. :o) Since Shen put a cinnamon glaze on hers, I thought I would do the same. So, thanks for that cake recipe Shen! It was delish!



  1. Michelle,

    That cake is gorgeous! I'm planning on making Shen's cake too!

    So great that it was a hit... I think delicious vegan baked goods are one of the best ways to demonstrate that 'vegan' doesn't mean 'deprivation'! Well done! =)

  2. nice! ive kepy that cake in mind, realy hope i get to use it. thats so cool that eveyone was surprised it was vegan!!

    when i read your title i thought it was shens:) did double take.

    i like you mixture on the potato, did you have anything else? i think id still be hungry..i eat in bulk...

  3. That is one gorgeous cake! Love the flavor combo between the cake and the glaze, too.

  4. YOu know that i have heard the name Sloppy Joe's before but I had not idea what it was?

    And the cake looks decadent and delicious!



  5. I'm so glad you added the cinnamon glaze. It really is great. While the recipe isn't as easy as it first appeared, it's moy deliciouso!

  6. Glad to see a good recipe gettin' around. A cinnamon glaze sounds good; I'll have to look that one up. I've never heard of Sloppy Joe's going on anything but hamburger buns. You've opened my eyes to new possiblilities.

  7. What an elegant looking cake, Michelle!

  8. Thanks Rose, I love it when I can show people that vegan taste good.

    Michelle - you need to make the is yummy, and that was a BIG potato with the sloppy joes on it. That's all I had, and I couldn't even eat all of it. It would have filled you up!

    Thanks Amber Shea. The glaze was perfect with the cake!

    Thanks Alessandra. If you ever eat sloppy joes, you will love it.

    Shen - Tony kept asking me what was taking me so long to make one cake...ha It was well worth it though....that was one fantastic cake!

    BlessedMama - you need to try sloppy joes on a's yummy. :o) Next up in the cake area is for me to try one of your cakes. I just have to decide which one I want to try first.

    Thanks Aimee!

  9. Sloppy joe on a baked potato is a great idea! That cake looks supper yummy, too. *drool*