Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Herbivore's Cajun Chickpea Cakes and Raw Ice Cream

I hope you have been having a great weekend. I was on the Happy Herbivore site Friday and found a few recipes that I wanted to try, so Friday night I made the Cajun Chickpea Cakes. The recipe can be found here. Friday's supper consisted of a baked potato with vegan butter, herbamare, and nutritional yeast on it. I also had pinto beans and the Cajun Chickpea Cakes. The cakes had a great flavor but were a little on the dry side. I ended up getting some Country Bob's steak sauce out of the refrigerator to dip the chickpea cakes in. That helped tremendously. Country Bob's even ended up on the beans and the baked potato....yum! I'm sure I will make the chickpea cakes again, but they definitely need a sauce or some kind of gravy to go with them.

On Saturday's I always cook Maggie's food for the week. Here she is looking all excited, trying to wait patiently while I make her food. I cook Maggie's food myself now, since she kept getting sick so much. She's been eating like this for several months now and hasn't been getting sick at all, and no more upset stomachs....YAY! This new way of eating for Maggie has been great for her! I feel so much better knowing that she's not getting all the preservatives and by products that's found in most dog foods.

Here's picture of her food. It's brown rice, carrots, broccoli, a little oatmeal, some nutritional yeast, a little dried parsley, and some canned pumpkin. I did add some chicken to the rice later. Sometimes she eats a veggie meal, but some times I do put chicken in her food. I want to make sure she is getting enough protein. I try to mix it up differently every week so she doesn't get bored with the same taste. This just reassures that Maggie is very spoiled doesn't it? :o)

Earlier today I made Happy Herbivore's raw ice cream. The recipe can be found here. This was yummy! I did add a few chocolate chips of course. I can't have ice cream with out adding a little chocolate.
I've never done a giveaway, but I have been thinking about doing one. Several people have made comments about wanting to try the County Bob's steak sauce. What do you guys think? Would you like to see a giveaway of a bottle of Country Bob's? I'll be back tomorrow with another picture of Country Bob's and a giveaway post. :o) See you tomorrow....



  1. Very spoiled pup! I love when people spoil their animals! It's great that you cook her food for her. I do that every once in a while with Sonic:)

  2. My mom cooks for my pup back home too! =) I bet maggie looooves you tremendously for it! well. obv she loves you for a zillion reasons! <3

    Do you follow a grain to protein ratio from a book or certain website?

    chickpea cakes sound sooo flipping good right now. My dinner tonight was boring beans and guac. lol

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. Yum! I've been making raw ice cream quite a lot lately! YUM!

  4. The chickpea cakes look similar to the chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon. Have you ever had those? We love them with some pasta & marinara.

    Maggie's just so cute. I want to give her a belly rub. <3

  5. ive been thinking of cooking gingers food for her. what you do sounds pretty easy. i am worried that she wont get the minerals/vit that a dog needs in the right ratios you know? im so glad Maggie is doing well on it! ive been so lucky in giveaways that i am going to stay away from a few, but i DO think that its a good idea for one. ttysoon Michelle

  6. Your chickpea cakes, beans and gigantic potato looks like an awesome meal! I say, bring on the Country Bob's giveaway! It must be tasty and it's so fun to try things that aren't available everywhere.

    I think Maggie's food sounds delicious too! It's great that you make it at home; I'm sure it's so much healthier and tastier than any store bought stuff. Glad to hear she's doing well on it. Every time you post a pic of her, I just melt; she is so adorable. If I met her in person, I'd just want to give her a big, big hug,...she may not feel the same way though! lol.

  7. Lucky dog! Did you know that in Italy we have a special pasta for dog? It is cooked like normal pasta, although most people would use a different pot :-)


  8. Looks like a lot of great recipes! My favorite part of most cutlets/patties is the dipping sauce, so I'd say come up with something that will complement those chickpea cutlets next time.

    I'm so glad your cooking is helping Maggie - it's totally worth it for both of you, not spoiling her!

  9. Excellent news all around in this post! (I won't enter the giveaway since I can find Country Bob's at my local Walmart).

  10. Jennifer, I do follow a grain to proten ratio. I got tons of information off the web. I will have to put some links in on of my blog posts soon. Maggie loves her home cookin. :)