Friday, April 15, 2011

Some Great Food!

TGIF...I don't know about you, but I am so glad it's Friday....YAY! We've been having bad storms here in the south again today....thunderstorms, tornado watches and warnings, and major rain. Tornadoes are the only bad thing about Spring time here in the south. I'm ready to move up north! :o)

Yesterday I went grocery shopping after work and got all kinds of good veggies. It was fairly late when I got home though, so no time to try out any new recipes. Tony wanted to finish up the baked spaghetti that I made him the first part of the week, so that was a great thing. I had no idea what I was going to eat, but as I was putting away the groceries I saw my left over Chinese from Wednesday's lunch. I grabbed a non stick skillet and dumped the rice, broccoli, and tofu in it and then added some shredded carrots and cabbage. I ended up adding a little soy sauce and water also. Wow...what a great meal! I do believe Tony was jealous! Breakfast was also great this morning. Now that kale is back in the house once again, I got to enjoy one of my favorite green smoothies....water, kale, frozen banana, frozen mixed fruit (peaches, strawberries, mango, and cherries) flax seeds, maca powder, protein powder, and a little honey.
My smoothie didn't last me until lunch time today, so I sliced up an apple and spread a little almond butter on the slices. Yes, I peel my apples. It's another weird thing that I do. :o)

Lunch was a much needed salad! It was a simple salad that hit the spot. I used spinach, leafy lettuce, sliced bell pepper, broccoli, carrots, hummus, and nutritional yeast flakes. I put the hummus on the side so I could just dip my carrots in it, and I sprinkled some nutritional flakes on top. For the dressing I used Newman's Own Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I have a busy Saturday morning, but I am hoping for relaxing Saturday afternoon, so I can do some baking. :o)



  1. I am going to have to try your green smoothie as I am still chicken to make one as I am afraid I won't like it. Raspberry vinaigrette is one of my favorite dressings, love to add craisins, apple slices and some pecans on it too. Have a great weekend!

  2. Have a fabulous weekend Michelle!!!!!!!!!!11

  3. Ah, the comfort of a simple apple-nut butter combo :) perfection.

  4. We've been having nasty weather here, too. The wind chill has been in the 20's. Brrr! Tornadoes are really the only natural disaster we get here, as well. They're scary!

    The meal you made sounds & looks great! I'm totally craving a salad right now.

  5. I'm having a salad day today myself. Your food for the day sounds excellent!

  6. Uhh... I also peel my apple... is that really weird??? ;-)

    happy week-end, without tornado, I hope!


  7. One of the side perks of being vegan: You eventually learn how to spell 'Vinaigrette' without having to look it up.

  8. A good salad after not having had any for a while is a glorious thing. And nice job with the leftovers!

  9. Your smoothie looks great. I need one today but ran out of kale. I have to go shopping. Hope the weather calms down. We are having some warm days then really cold days.

    Have a great weekend and have fun baking o:)

  10. I heard about the tornados...terrible. I'm glad to hear you're ok.

    All of the food looks jealousy-worthy. That salad sounds and looks perfect!

  11. Isn't it so nice to get back to cooking?! All these dishes look awesome.

  12. It all looks divine! We love making kale (and watermelon) smoothies, as well. It's a great way to get a lot of your veggies and fruit in. Thanks for the great snack idea - we never thought of almond butter on apple slices!

    Kate & Rachel

  13. I love the combo of apples and pb!

  14. VeganMom, if you use kale in your first green smoothie, start out with one leaf and work your way up to more. I think after you have them a couple of times, you will love them as much as I do.

    Thanks too

    You are so right Lori! :o)

    Molly, brrrrrr...that's too cold for spring time! Your right, tornados are very scary. I was right in the path of one several years ago, which did me in for storms. :(

    Aimee, salads just hit the spot at times don't they. :)

    Alessandra, I don't think peeling apples are weird, but I get told that I'm weird for peeling them, because the peeling is so good for you...blah. :o)

    Shen, that's funny...I still have to look it up. ha

    Maud, thanks! When I see your salads it makes me want them. :O)

    Sasha, don't you hate it when you run out of kale? :o)

    Thanks Rose! I do get tired of salads every once in a while, but it only last for a day. :)

    Veggie Burgher, yes it is...I miss it when I'm not able to cook for several days.

    Kate and Rachel, I can't wait to try watermelon in my smoothies. I'll be trying it as soon as they come in.

    Simply Life, Me too. :o)