Thursday, September 15, 2011

On The Right Track...

Today's food may seem boring to some, but it was great to me.  I'm trying my best to eat less processed foods and to not eat as much bread and pasta.  Bread and pasta are a serious weakness for me, but I'm gonna and can do this!  With that being said, last night I had lettuce wraps...well, sorta.  I ended up putting way too much stuff on the leafy lettuce, so I had to cut them in half and eat them like a taco.  It was still a little messy, but was definitely the way to go.  This was so good and refreshing.  I didn't feel all bloated and yucky after supper like I do when I load up on cabs.  The first thing I put on the leafy lettuce was red pepper hummus, then shredded carrots, broccoli, cauliflower (I'm trying to like far so good), yummy bell peppers, and chopped tomatoes.

After supper I made some of Alicia Silverstone's Oatmeal, Walnut and Dried Plum Cookies.  We have a get together to go to tonight, and I was asked to bring my famous vegan cookies.  You would think that I would  know this recipe by heart now as much as I make it, but I don't.  I kept noticing that a cookie would disappear every so often.   I was in the kitchen for a while making these and a few other things, so I wasn't paying that much attention to the cookies cooling.   It appears that Tony was sneaking in behind me stealing cookies.   I made a double batch of them though, because I was suspicious that this might happen.....I knew they were his favorite.  Oh and I did eat one myself....shhhhhh  :o)

No smoothie this morning.  I was running short on time, so I just threw some stuff together for some pumpkin oat meal.  I used steel cut oats, almond milk, canned pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, chia seeds, and a little maple syrup.  I mixed all this together in a bowl and threw it in my lunch bag, with a lid on it.  After about 2 hours I nuked it in the microwave.   Turned out pretty darn good for something just thrown together, as I was running around crazy trying not to be late for work.  I also had a Gala apple for my mid morning snack.  It was just plain almond butter today.  :o)

Lunch was a salad.  It had everything on it that my lettuce wraps from last night had.  I added some nooch though.  What could that be that I'm reading while eating my salad?  Maud, do you know???  :o)  More to come on that in a few days.....



  1. that oatmeal is a great combo, i've had a similar version before and it energized me all day.

    we do the lettuce cups/wraps too, it's one of my fave things to do when we have a lot of veggies in the house begging to be eaten :)

    good luck on kicking bread and pasta! at my place we're down to bread once a month, and pasta never unless its made from seaweed or legumes or something random...

  2. Great reading material, isn't it? I've got to get more of them eventually.

    Pumpkin oatmeal sounds great! I'm starting to crave oatmeal lately for breakfast, so I'll have to give that a whirl. Maybe I'll even throw some cocoa in it.....

  3. Everything looks so delicious! That oatmeal sounds so delicious, love pumpkin season! I've made Alicia's cookies before too, except I substituted dried dates for the plums and they were AMAZING! love that recipe.

  4. That is awesome that you get asked to bring vegan cookies! What a great way to show that eating vegan is tasty and has so much variety. I can't say I blame Tony for sneaking some from the cooling rack.

  5. I must try those delicious sounding cookies - they sound too good to pass up! :)

  6. Hey, that's really impressive that you were reading the Magna Carta whilst eating your salad!

  7. Heh, I have the same problem with overloading my lettuce leaves - that's why sometimes I opt for a salad with the same ingredients; cuz I can fit more veggies in.
    The plum cookies sound awesome!
    And the best part about reading zines while eating is that if you spill some food you can just mop it up with one of the pages ;)

  8. You know you're on to something when a non-vegan crowd specifically requests your vegan cookies! Well done.

    Your wraps and salad look awesome; so much goodness in there! I feel healthier just looking at the pics!

    I think I see one of my fav zines in the background there...and no Maud, we would not mop up spilt food with your zine!!

  9. My husband hates cauliflower too, don't worry you aren't alone. I have a hard time eating cauliflower or broccoli raw actually. I have to cook my broccoli a little or smother it in dressing. As for cauliflower. The best way I have had it raw, was food processed and used in the place of rice. Works great! Doesn't taste like rice, but you can kind of trick yourself.

  10. Health Sleuth, I haven't seen any pasta made from seaweed yet. I'm gonna be on the look out for that!

    Molly, yes it is! Cocoa sounds like a good addition. :o)

    VaVa, I love that recipe too! I've used dried cranberries and chocolate chips also. I'll have to try it with dates.

    Jessica, I thought it was great that they wanted me to bring those cookies. Everyone that tries them loves them.

    Jesse, You've got to try them...they are so good.

    Shen, I don't think I could be that impressive...ha

    FF, No spillage on the zines!!! I wouldn't dare mop up spilt food with those precious zines...I'm lovin em!

    Rose, I have to say it made me smile when I was asked to bring those cookies. :o) Yes, I think you are right about the zines. :o)

    Carissa, That is such a great idea about using cauliflower as rice. I'm going to try that right away. Thanks for that tip!

  11. Your lettuce wraps look a lot like different meals I had at a raw restaurant this week.

  12. Have you tried any of the sprouted grain breads from Food for Life? I am hooked on their Genesis English Muffins and Sprouted Grain Tortillas. Apparently sprouted grains are digested more like a vegetable than a carb, so they don't leave you with that weighed-down gross feeling like regular carbs.

    Those cookies look soooo good! I have never tried that recipe, will have to give it a whirl!