Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Catching Up.....

Happy Hump day! I'm playing catch up today on blogging, since I've been so busy the past few days. I'll start off with my green smoothie that I had this morning. The past two mornings I just had regular fruit smoothies with a scoop of Amazing Grass added in, since I was out of greens. I had to run by the grocery store yesterday after work to get my mom some groceries, so I grabbed a few things for my self and kale just happened to be one of those things. What kind of greens do you prefer in your smoothies? I've been swapping back and forth between kale and spinach, and I'm leaning towards kale as being my fav. This was one of my typical green smoothies with water, kale, a date, a small frozen banana, a dash of cinnamon and ginger, frozen mango chunks, and hemp yumminess!

We ran some errands over the weekend and I came across this great little snack.  These little granola clusters didn't last long at all.  Tony and I scarfed them down....very good.  I've got to go get some more of these!  The brand is Mrs Mays.  Have you ever tried any of these snacks?  I hope they have a bigger variety when I go back to get more!

Sunday night I made HH's Mexican Cabbage.  I had brown rice to go with it.  Very..very good!  The recipe just happens to be on her website.  You can find it here. 

For lunch one day I had a humms and tomato sammy with a side of baby carrots for some crunch.  :o)

Monday night we had spaghetti and a salad.  I put some Dulse Flakes on my salad this time.  I bought some when I went to Whole Foods a while back and forgot about them.  I love this little seaweed!  It's a perfect addition to a salad. 

Monday night I made some health bars.  I'm tweaking my moms recipe.  This has always been my all time favorite thing that she made for me.  I would request these for my birthday over chocolate cake (shocker).  I haven't gotten the recipe where I want it yet, but when it gets there, I'll be sharing the recipe with you.  

For lunch today I had a Peanut Sesame Noodle Bowl.  These were on sale yesterday at Kroger, so I picked up 3 different kinds.  This is my first one to try and OMG...delish!  Don't laugh but this is actually the first Peanut Sesame anything to try.  I've been meaning to make my own, but just haven't done it yet.  After having this, I can't wait to make my own. 

Here's a picture of it all made up.....yum!  Talk about full...I couldn't even eat it all. 

For a morning snack this morning I had a Gala apple with Almond butter spread on it with a few cranberries sprinkled on top.  It's not the Honey Crisp apples that Sarah's been flaunting around, but I guess they'll have to work.  :o)  I'm so jealous of her Honey Crisp apples.  Tony broke the bad news to me last night that we don't have them where I live....booooo   Gala's are our favorite though...they are sweet and crispy too....just how Sarah describes the Honey Crisp.



  1. I love, love, love anything with peanut sauce. It's definitely one of my favorite things to eat.

    I'm a failure when it comes to green smoothies. The only greens I can tolerate in them is spinach. Everything else is so bitter to me.

    We've been looking for honey crisp apples, too, with no luck. Where oh where are they??

  2. Looks like you have quite the delicious variety! Mexican cabbage is a new one for me ... two things I like, but I can't imagine them together! Glad it turned out well.

    I love your apple snack... preparing it like that makes it look so special.

  3. Why are your smoothies so f'n creamy? Is it cuz you're in the south? Cuz I'm south of the Mason-Dixon line and my smoothies look like zero-fun Slurpees.

    Awesome looking Humms Sammy.

  4. I'm with Shen, your smoothies always look great. I usually do spinach rather than kale, only because my blender does not seem to blend kale well.
    The Mexican cabbage always catches my eye; I'll have to try that soon.
    Galas are a very good apple too! Sometimes, if I'm putting something on my apple, I'd rather it be a normal apple just because another variety's taste might be too overwhelming with the almond butter.

  5. I'm totally with Shen and FF on the smoothie boat, your always look amazing! I've seen the Mrs. May's snacks before, but I've only ever seen the with just nuts, that flavor sounds really great. The hummus sandwich is totally up my alley...tomato and carrots are my fav veggies with it. And I don't mean to flaunt my apples ;) Living in NY has it's perks though! ANd in all fairness, I replaced my devoured honeycrisps with Galas this week!

  6. I like to use collard greens in my green juice, but I'll throw anything in really.

    All the food looks delicious! Mexican cabbage sounds like an interesting combo...anything goes with cabbage, right?

    It's hard to imagine a kid requesting health bars for birthdays instead of chocolate cake. They must be yummy. I'm looking forward to the recipe.

  7. Molly, I remember you post a recipe with peanut sauce. I need to start by making sounded so good! I used to think kale was bitter too, but I don't any more. That one little date in the smoothie sure sweetens things up.

    Jessica, You need to try the Mexican cabbage. I thought the same thing, but it's so good.

    Shen, ha..all I know is that I blend the crap out of my smoothies. Since I have a cheaper blender I probably blend everything for 2 least.

    Maud, I blend my liquid with my greens first for about a minute, then I add my frozen fruits. It's like kale juice before I add the frozen stuff. I'm eating my apple plain today...just for you. :o)

    Vava, I really enjoyed that hummus sammy. I think I could eat one every day....I so love hummus! I just had to pick on you about those apples. I guess I just need to hop on a plane and head up to NY! :o) At least I can relate to the Galas...ha

    Rose, hmmmm....I think I tried collards once, but I don't remember what I thought about it. I need to make some juice with've got me to thinking now. Collards are going on my farmers market list. :o)

  8. Why don't you have honey crisp? We get them at our Whole Foods. I usually just buy Fuji or Gala, but hc are good! For my Smoothies, I usually use frozen because I like my Smoothies extra icy and thick. Kale because I thought?it was better for you. But I also use spinach, too. Or Swiss Chard. I really like seaweed flakes, too! AND we like those granola bites plus the nut ones like that we get at Sam's, etc.