Friday, September 9, 2011

Giveaway Winnings and More......

Happy Friday!!!  When I got home yesterday I had a package sitting on the table that came in the mail.  It was some goodies that I won from Sarah over at This Is What I Eat.   Her giveaway was for some homemade treats, which I am always happy to receive.  Shen over at The Shenandoah Vegan had requested Sarah's Half Baked Truffles, so there was 2 cute containers of those, and 2 cute little boxes of Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles.  Sarah also sent a sweet cupcake card along with her fantastic goodies.  Shen, thank you so much for requesting those truffles....OMG...I've never had a truffle that good.  Sarah, can you please send me some more?????   :o)   I ate one right away, and thought that I had died and gone to heaven....they were soooo good!  I decided to be a sweet wife and let Tony have one.   He was blown away that they were vegan....score!!  :o)   Later after supper I had a cookie, which was also fantastic, but I have to say...those truffles can NOT be beat.  After I ate the cookie I had another truffle.  :o)   I will be making some of the truffles...for sure.  Sarah, thank you so much!!!   Your goodies rock!

Yesterday for breakfast I decided that I needed to try the Iron Woman Gingerbread Smoothie that Maud over at FoodFeud blogged about the other day.  It was soooo good.   You've got to try it!

Wednesday night I made nachos with HH's Nacho Cheese Sauce.  This is the best homemade cheese sauce that I've had so far, hands down!  I couldn't stop eating it.  The nachos were so good that I had the same thing for lunch yesterday.  My nachos consisted of tortilla chips (of course), black beans, corn, tomatoes, jalapenos, and nacho cheese yumminess!  I also had some Mexican rice on the side that Tony made.

Last night for supper I made pizza.   Surprised?  You know I have to eat pizza at least once a week.  :o)  I used Whole Wheat Naan bread for the crust.   I used some of the left over Nacho Cheese Sauce for my cheese, and added some spinach, pink lady tomatoes, yellow yummy bell peppers, and some black beans.  I hesitated about adding the black beans, but I'm glad I added them.  Great pizza last night!

For my afternoon snacks this week I've been having a handful of this trail mix that I made up the other day.  It has cashews, almond slices, walnuts, carob chips, dried cranberries, and some shredded coconut in it.   A handful of the trail mix in the afternoons hits the spot and actually holds me over until supper time.  What all do you put in your trail mix?

Maggie had the right idea this morning. She wasn't getting out of her bed for anything...not even to see me off to work.  Her little sleeping buddy is Flipper.  :o)  I really don't see how she can breathe with her nose buried down into her blanket like that, but she does.  Anyway....I was jealous of her sleeping in this morning.

Have a great weekend!



  1. So you're another lucky person getting yummy-looking/sounding vegan baked goods delivered to your door! Where do I sign up? They do look delicious and packaged so prettily.

    I think between you and Maud, you've talked me into trying the gingerbread smoothie; it sounds perfect for autumn mornings.

    Those nachos look rockin' and I love that you put beans on the pizza too, with the nacho cheeze sauce sort of a Mexican pizza.

    That's how Maggie sleeps? Can she get any cuter? (I think I know the answer.) :)

  2. you'd think that if you've see one good-looking pizza you've seen them all...but no! that one looks especially pretty. i think, left up to myself, i'd only eat nachos, pizza, tacos, burritoes...and probably spaghetti, too. those are my go-to meals.

  3. OMG!!! That picture of Maggie is the sweetest thing I've ever seen! SO glad you liked the goodies, those truffles are a labor of love :)

    All of your meals look so yummy and comforting...those nachos!!! Yum! I'm gonna have to try the smoothie, although probably in oat form...actually...I should make them tonight for tomorrow (it'll be the perfect fuel before my long day working a wedding)!

    So happy you liked everything! :)

  4. Those truffles look great!

  5. Your winnings look great - what a treat! And better than anything I can find here.

    Maggie looks exhausted, but what a cute photo!

  6. Yay that smoothie was awesome, wasn't it? I'm thinking of making it again with pear instead of banana.
    Your nacho plate looks sooo good! I made the cheese once but did not load it up like you did, so I might have to make it again the correct way :)
    Super cute photo of Maggie!! With her little paws out in front of her!

  7. Aw, Maggie. <3 Emma loves to sleep in, too, and won't get up to see me off quite a bit. They're so lucky!

    I just got Happy Herbivore in the mail today and we're so excited to start cooking out of it. Mike paged through it for a few minutes and saw a lot of recipes he wants to try. I can't believe how thick it is! That cheese sauce is definitely going on our list soon. Yum!

  8. That pic of Maggie is hilarious! Just how I feel on Monday morning.

    Nice nails;-)

  9. Haha Maggie's so cute and silly! Cecil sleeps like that sometimes, I think he looks like Superman :-)

    I haven't tried pizza since I've been vegan, but if you're saying it's good enough to eat every week, I'm saying I gotta try it!